Drumheller Paul D: Materials and methods for the immobilization of bioactive species onto polymeric substrates. Gore Enterprise Holdings, April 28, 1999: EP0910584-A1 (191 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to support members having surfaces that are rendered hydrophilic for use as a substrate for the immobilization of bioactive species thereon. The hydrophilic surfaces are chemically stable on the support member. The surfaces are also chemically variable to provide a ...

Stemmer Willem P C, Crameri Andreas: Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selective and recombination. Maxygen, April 28, 1999: EP0911396-A2 (95 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for evolving a polynucleotide encoding a plurality of genes, e.g. multiple genes forming a multicomponent pathway. The method involves shuffling of polynucleotides by conducting a polynucleotide amplification process on overlapping segments of a population o ...

No Young: System and method using a single control circuit for a plurality of imaging components. Eastman Kodak Co, April 28, 1999: EP0912035-A2 (84 worldwide citation)

An electronic imaging system and method are provided that include an image capturing component (5), such as a digital camera (50), an image rendering component, such as a printer (54), digital projector (100), video screen (60), and so forth, each of which requires an intelligence circuit (23) for o ...

Pederson John C: Warning signal light. 911 Emergency Products, April 28, 1999: GB2330679-A (78 worldwide citation)

A light emitting diode (LED) warning signal light comprising an array of light sources configured on a light support and in electrical communication with a controller and a power supply, battery, or other electrical source. The warning signal light provides various colored light signals. These light ...

Jackson Trevor David: Disk drive with embedded data encryption. Calluna Tech, April 28, 1999: EP0911738-A2 (73 worldwide citation)

An improved disk drive (DD) is described in which an encryption/decryption circuit (4) is provided, connected to read/write means (9,13) of the drive, for encrypting data to be written onto, and decrypting data to be read from, the disk(s) (11). The drive control includes permanent security control ...

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Home networks low-cost digital interfaces are introduced that integrate entertainment, communication and computing electronics into consumer multimedia. Normally, these are low-cost, easy to use systems, since they allow the user to remove or add any kind of network devices with the bus being active ...

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A novel monoclonal antibody which specifically binds to apo-B-48 is disclosed. The monoclonal antibody specifically binds to apo-B-48 but does not bind to apoB-100.

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An optical compensatory sheet comprises a cellulose ester support and an optically anisotropic layer. The optically anisotropic layer contains a discotic liquid crystal molecule. The cellulose ester support has a Rth retardation value in the range of 70 to 400 nm.

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A hydrophilic porous membrane is provided which comprises a network of a non-crystalline hydrophobic polymer and a hydrophilic acrylate polymer. A method of preparing such a hydrophilic porous membrane also is provided, wherein a reaction solution of a non-crystalline hydrophobic polymer, a crosslin ...

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In a process for coding stereophonic spectral values, the stereophonic spectral values are first grouped into scaling factor bands (28) to which are associated scaling factors. Sections are then formed which consist of at least one scaling factor band (28). The spectral values are coded in at least ...