Miyake Hideo, Kawauchi Ikuo: A positive type photosensitive image-forming material for an infrared laser and a positive type photosensitive composition for an infrared laser. Fuji Photo Film, April 21, 1999: EP0909657-A2 (55 worldwide citation)

A positive image-forming material for use with infrared laser comprises: a substrate; a layer (A) containing not less than 50% by weight of a copolymer which contains, as a copolymerization component, not less than 10% by mol of at least one of the following monomers (a-1) to (a-3), wherein (a-1) is ...

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A bleach and oxidation catalyst is provided comprising a catalytically active iron complex including a defined pentadentate nitrogen containing ligand. This type of iron complex can activate hydrogen peroxide or peroxy acids and was found to have favourable stain removal and remarkable dye transfer ...

Lewison Richard S: Delta-sigma pulse width modulator. Hewlett Packard Co, April 21, 1999: EP0910168-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

A delta sigma pulse width modulator control circuit (103) uses a delta sigma modulator (201) as a first stage to create a sequence of pulses representing an input control signal. A pulse width modulator (205) weighs each pulse, accumulates the sequence of weighted pulses and defines a pulse width mo ...

Gent David Peter: Remote backup system. Int Computers, April 21, 1999: EP0910019-A2 (47 worldwide citation)

A remote data backup service is provided for clients, typically small or medium-sized enterprises. A backup server computer is connected to the client computers over a public ISDN network, and automatically initiates regular backups according to an agreed schedule. Clients are charged for the servic ...

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A process management system in accordance with the present invention comprising inspection apparatuses for inspecting defects on a wafer, the inspection apparatuses being connected through a communication network, inspection information and image information obtained from these inspection apparatuse ...

Spitzer Mark B, Gale Ronald, Jacobsen Jeffrey: Method of forming a high resolution liquid crystal display device. Kopin, April 21, 1999: EP0909972-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a high resolution liquid crystal display device characterised by: forming an active matrix array with a single crystal silicon material, the display including an array pixel circuits and an array of pixel electrodes, a plurality of column address lines connected to a column drive ...

Longacre Andrew Jr, Hussey Robert M: Symbol-controlled image data reading system. Welch Allyn, April 21, 1999: EP0910032-A2 (38 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a system for imaging a scene comprising an optical reader and a specially structured symbol configured complementarily with the reader so that when the reader reads the symbol, the reader reads image data in an image data reading region. The image reading instruction symbol ...

Speakman Stuart: Forming devices by drop-on-demand printing. Thin Film Technology, April 21, 1999: GB2330451-A (32 worldwide citation)

Multiple droplets 20 are deposited from nozzles 28 of deposition heads 22A,22B,22C by actuators 30 the a drop-on-demand printer to form devices such as field effect transistors, chemotransistors, solar cells, sensors, polymeric batteries, waveguides, thermal imaging arrays, SQUID magnetometers, ligh ...

Yamazaki Tadao, Morita Toshiari, Nagai Hiroshi: Erythropoietin solution preparation stabilized with amino acids. Chugai Pharmaceutical, April 21, 1999: EP0909564-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

This invention provides an erythropoietin solution preparation containing an amino acid as a stabilizer, and having excellent long-term storage stability.

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A biosensor is disclosed for application to a method for quantitative measurement of a substrate comprising a first step of causing a substrate contained in a sample to react with an oxidoreductase specific to the substrate in the presence of an electron mediator in oxidized state, a second step of ...