Craig Allen
Mark Allen Irwin, Craig Allen Hunter: Single-piece sandwich frame clipboard apparatus. Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht, March 30, 1999: US05887902 (21 worldwide citation)

A clipboard apparatus comprising a single sheet of plastic folded over to form two planar surfaces which allow the insertion of reference material into the sandwiched area formed between the two planar surfaces of said folded plastic sheet so as to protect said reference material from surrounding ad ...


Paul B Godin, Jeffrey Lymburner: Computer auction system. Bid Com International, March 30, 1999: US05890138 (792 worldwide citation)

An auction system is disclosed which allows users to participate using their own computers suitably connected to the auction system. Preferably, this connection uses INTERNET. The invention involves a method and system for providing rapid feedback of a reverse auction process and removes the user fr ...

Thomas W Rekieta, James R Vatteroni, Chyuan Meei Chen, Rashmi K Kasam, Walter C Robertson: Distributed redundant database. Alcatel USA, Baker & Botts L, March 30, 1999: US05890156 (640 worldwide citation)

A distributed redundant database architecture (10) primarily for storing a plurality of wireless service subscriber files (84, 86) is provided. The database architecture (10) include a first set of processors (44 46, 48) each having a shared memory (72, 74, 76), where the processors (44, 46, 48) are ...

Chaim Rogozinski: Intervertebral prosthetic disc. Thomas C Saitta, March 30, 1999: US05888226 (564 worldwide citation)

A self-centering prosthetic disc to replace a disc in the spine, the disc having two opposing convex surfaces where the point of maximum vertical dimension is non-central. The disc may be utilized alone or in combination with one or two vertebral attachment members, the vertebral attachment members ...

Ta Shing Chu, Martin V Clark, Peter Frank Driessen, Vinko Erceg, Lawrence Joel Greenstein, Robert Stephen Roman, Anthony Joseph Rustako Jr, Giovanni Vannucci: Method and system for connecting cells and microcells in a wireless communications network. Lucent Technologies, March 30, 1999: US05890055 (476 worldwide citation)

A wireless communications system includes a number of clusters of repeaters wherein all repeaters within a cluster arc connected to a common hub via respective millimeter-wave radio links. Wireless signals received by the repeaters from end-user devices are transparently carried by the millimeter-wa ...

David Gillespie, Timothy P Allen, Aaron T Ferrucci: Pressure sensitive scrollbar feature. Synaptics Incorporated, D Alessandro & Ritchie, March 30, 1999: US05889236 (464 worldwide citation)

A proximity sensor system includes a sensor matrix array having a characteristic capacitance on horizontal and vertical conductors connected to sensor pads. The capacitance changes as a function of the proximity of an object or objects to the sensor matrix. The change in capacitance of each node in ...

Louis Francois Charles Beckers, Johannes Fridolin Schlapfer: Implant for intervertebral space. Synthesis, Fish & Richardson P C, March 30, 1999: US05888224 (462 worldwide citation)

An implant for the intervertebral space consists of an essentially cuboid body with a device for gripping by a tool.

Robert S Bray Jr: Anterior stabilization device. Christie Parker & Hale, March 30, 1999: US05888223 (438 worldwide citation)

An anterior fixation device comprises an oval shaped intervertebral spacer and a retaining plate. The spacer has a side wall and superior and inferior walls. The superior and inferior walls are dome-shaped and porous to allow bone to grow through the device to achieve fusion of two adjacent vertebra ...

Scott A Moskowitz, Marc Cooperman: Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digitized data. The Dice Company, Kenyon & Kenyon, March 30, 1999: US05889868 (434 worldwide citation)

The implementations of digital watermarks can be optimally suited to particular transmission, distribution and storage mediums given the nature of digitally-sampled audio, video and other multimedia works. Watermark application parameters can be adapted to the individual characteristics of a given d ...