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Standard user interface control enables a user to access, and filter, data from arbitrary data providers. A header control 222 in a windowed environment includes an area 310 for displaying a data set and associated data attributes (e.g. application documents with filename, path, date; WWW page hits ...

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A joint prosthesis includes a first prosthesis member having an inferior bone contacting surface, a second prosthesis having a superior bearing surface and a cushion member disposed between the two prosthesis members. The joint prosthesis is particularly useful for replacing bi-condylar joints and e ...

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The prosthesis has indicator marks (18,20) on its coupling sphere (3), shank (1) and dome (2) to enable them to be set in a given number of positions and fixed with a screw (4). The prosthesis comprises a shank (1) for anchoring in the Humeral canal, connected by a spherical coupling to a dome (2) w ...

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An introducer for introducing an expandable implantable device into a catheter includes an outer tube and an inner core which slides in the outer tube. A first end of the core has a tubular configuration with a slit which allows it to expand radially to grip an end of the device. The first end of th ...

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A system and method is provided having an adaptive channel coder and modulator, a channel decoder and demodulator connected to the adaptive channel coder and modulator, and a radio link protocol frame and channel decision unit connected to the adaptive channel coder and modulator.

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The disclosed optical fiber communication system (10) comprises a remotely pumped erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA 24). The pump radiation is de-tuned with respect to wavelength, the wavelength being selected longer than both the optimal wavelengths for pumping the EDFA and for producing Raman gai ...

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A composition comprising a) a HMG CoA reductase inhibitor, and b) a bile complexing agent. for the reduction of cholesterol in plasma. The inhibitor is preferably a station or fibrate. The complexing agent is preferably fibrous and selected from biopolymers and starches. Exemplifield are composition ...

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A module, for upgrading optical fiber systems, includes an appropriate length of Dispersion Compensating Fiber (DCF) for nulling chromatic dispersion, together with a pump (5), which uses Stimulated Raman Scattering for amplifying signal in the DCF, thereby compensating for power loss associated wit ...

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An ink containment and dispensing device (10) for an ink-jet printer is provided with a main reservoir in the form of a flexible pouch (14), which is typically maintained at ambient pressure. The main reservoir is coupled to a variable volume chamber via a one-way valve which allows the flow of ink ...

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Light-receiving devices 2 are two-dimensionally arranged on a substrate 1, bonding pads 4 electrically connected to the light-receiving devices 2 in the respective rows or columns via signal lines 3 are arranged on the outer periphery of the substrate 1, and a protective passivation film 5 is dispos ...