Thiers Barnard: Floor part, method for making such a floor part and device used thereby. Unilin Beheer, March 24, 1999: EP0903451-A2 (131 worldwide citation)

Floor part, in particular a floor panel for forming a parquet floor or such, characterized in that it is treated with a sealing agent (6) on one or several sides (2-32-33-34).

Saeki Shinichi, Murase Kaoru, Okada Tomoyuki, Tsuga Kazuhiro, Nakatani Tokuo: Optical disc recording apparatus and computer readable recording medium. Matsushita Electric, March 24, 1999: EP0903738-A2 (111 worldwide citation)

An optical disc including: a data area storing one or more video objects; and a time map area storing time map information. Each video object includes a plurality of video object units. The time map information includes a pair of a first time table and a second time table for each video object. Each ...

Gong Leyi, Kertesz Denis John, Smith David Bernard, Talamas Francisco Xavier, Wilhelm Robert Stephen: Ccr-3 receptor antagonists. Hoffmann La Roche, March 24, 1999: EP0903349-A2 (86 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to certain cyclic amine derivatives of Formula (I) that are CCR-3 receptor antagonists, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, methods for their use and methods for preparing these compounds.

Okada Tomoyuki, Hamasaka Hiroshi, Tsuga Kazuhiro, Saeki Shinichi: Optical disc, video data editing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium storing an editing program, reproduction apparatus for the optical disc, and computer-readable recording medium storing a reproduction program. Matsushita Electric, March 24, 1999: EP0903744-A2 (83 worldwide citation)

An optical disc includes a data area for recording a plurality of video segments and an index area for recording original type chain information and user-defined type chain information. The original type chain information defines an original type chain including first ones of the video segments by d ...

Resch Herbert, Servidio Damon, Nuijten Peter: Anatomic glenoid shoulder prosthesis together with methods and tools for implanting same. Howmedica, March 24, 1999: EP0903127-A2 (82 worldwide citation)

A glenoid component 10 includes an oval body 12 having a concave lateral articulating surface 14 and an opposing medial surface 16 with a keel 18 extending from the medial surface. The keel 18 extends along a line "A" which is anteriorly offset from the center line "B" of the concave surface 14 and ...

Okada Tomoyuki, Tsuga Kazuhiro, Hamasaka Hiroshi, Saeki Shinichi: Video data editing apparatus, optical disc for use as a recording medium of a video data editing apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium. Matsushita Electric, March 24, 1999: EP0903742-A2 (67 worldwide citation)

One or more video objects are recorded on an optical disc. When a user indicates a linking edit that links sections of the video objects, video object units (VOBUs) that include picture data at the end of a former section and VOBUs that include picture data at the start of a latter section are read ...

Nakatani Tokuo, Saeki Shinichi, Morita Mitsuaki, Enoki Nobuyuki: Video data editing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium storing an editing program. Matsushita Electric, March 24, 1999: EP0903743-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

During video editing, video data is recorded in continuous areas of at least a predetermined length on an optical disc to ensure that the display of video images is uninterrupted. A first segment, out of a plurality of segments recorded on an optical disc, whose consecutive area on the optical disc ...

Sagawa Yuichiro, Mizuki Kiyoshi, Hashimoto Hideki: Music action game machine, performance operation instructing system for music action game and storage device readable by computer. Konami, March 24, 1999: EP0903169-A2 (55 worldwide citation)

The music action game machine comprises: a main body; an operation input device disposed on a front side of the main body so as to be adjacent to hands of a player facing the front side of the main body, the operation input device having a plurality of operation members; a storage device for storing ...

Nagao Yoshihiro, Konno Fujiko, Kotake Jiro, Ishii Fumio, Honda Haruyoshi, Sato Susumu: Alpha-substituted phenylpropionic acid derivative and medicine containing the same. Ssp, March 24, 1999: EP0903343-A1 (50 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are an alpha -substituted phenylpropionic acid derivative represented by the following general formula (1): wherein W is a (substituted) lactam ring, A is an alkylene or alkyleneoxy group or the like, X is O, S, NH or CH2, Y is an amino, hydroxy or lower alkoxy group, R is H, alkyl ...

De Vorchik David, Momoh Oshoma, Satalich Timothy Allen, Turner Jr Richard S, Gallagher Lauren Beth, Scott Wayne G: Standard user interface enables filtering of a data set from an arbitrary data provider. Microsoft, March 24, 1999: GB2329492-A (46 worldwide citation)

Standard user interface control enables a user to access, and filter, data from arbitrary data providers. A header control 222 in a windowed environment includes an area 310 for displaying a data set and associated data attributes (e.g. application documents with filename, path, date; WWW page hits ...

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