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This invention relates to a drape and a suction head combination for attaching to a wound area. The suction head comprises a planar flange portion and a tubular connector piece on a first face which communicates with an aperture extending to the second face. The second face is formed with projection ...

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Spray dried solid dispersions comprising a sparingly soluble drug and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS) provide increased aqueous solubility and/or biavailability in a use environment.

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The present invention is an absorbent article that structures a main body having a front portion and a rear portion. The main body form one waist hole and two leg holes with the front portion and the rear portion. The main body has a pair of elastic leakage protective members that connect both edge ...

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A positive photosensitive composition for use with an infrared laser comprises one or more alkali aqueous solution soluble polymer compounds (A) having in a molecule at least one group selected from a phenolic hydroxide group (a-1), a sulfonamide group (a-2), and an active imide group (a-3); a compo ...

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A soft handover system is provided for a multiple sub-carrier communication system, applicable to the uplink (mobile unit to base stations) and/or the downlink (base stations to mobile unit). The soft handover system uses multiple sub-carriers to simultaneously transmit multiple sub-carrier signals ...

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An improved power supply system involves load-leveling the large transient currents drawn by a high power, low duty-cycle load application circuit by means of a high performance capacitive charge storage device, such as a super-capacitor or a network of super-capacitors. The improved power supply sy ...

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A document organizing system extracts annotations made to a document along with the context surrounding each annotation and organizes the annotations based upon the annotation attributes and/or context. The annotations are created by grouping marks based upon their proximity in time and space. The d ...

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A combination inductive coil and integrated circuit semiconductor chip is provided in a single lead frame package. The lead frame is preferably made of a copper alloy and has a flat configuration. The chip is electrically connected to end portions of the inductive coil thus permitting the inductive ...

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Unicast endpoint clients (110, 111, 115) on an IP Unicast network (107, 108) are provided access to Multicast sessions on an IP Multicast network (101) through a Multicast-Unicast gateway server (120, 121). The server obtains information about sessions on the Multicast network and makes such informa ...

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A method and system for placing an order to purchase an item via the Internet. The order is placed by a purchaser at a client system and received by a server system. The server system receives purchaser information including identification of the purchaser, payment information, and shipment informat ...