Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Power Michael B, Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta V: High-purity trimethylindium and its synthesis. Morton Internatl, March 16, 1999: JP1999-071381

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To produce trimethylindium that contains only about 50 ppm or less of oxygen (in the form of indium peroxide and indium oxide), in addition, exclude the possibility of including oxygen in the form of a coordinated ether bond. SOLUTION: Trimethylindium including no oxygen-contai ...

Andreas G Weichert
Jan Robert Schwark, Joachim Brendel, Heinz Werner Kleemann, Hans Jochen Lang, Andreas Weichert, Udo Albus, Wolfgang Scholz: Substituted cinnamic acid guanidides, a process for their preparation, their use as medicaments or diagnostic agents and medicaments comprising them. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, March 16, 1999: US05883133 (5 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the formula I ##STR1## are described in which at least one of the substituents R(1), R(2), R(3), R(4) and R(5) is a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic radical. They are outstanding cardiovascular therapeutic agents. They are obtained by reaction of a compound II ##STR2## with guanidine.

D Chase Franklin, Daniel Rosen: Electronic online commerce card with transactionproxy number for online transactions. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, March 16, 1999: US05883810 (850 worldwide citation)

An online commerce system facilitates online commerce over a public network using an online commerce card. The "card" does not exist in physical form, but instead exists in digital form. The online commerce card is issued electronically to a customer by an issuing institution. The issued card is ass ...

William R Adams: Method of playing game and gaming device with at least one additional payout indicator. Anchor Gaming, Galgano & Burke, March 16, 1999: US05882261 (776 worldwide citation)

Methods of playing games and gaming devices useful with playing games comprise a standard gaming unit, e.g., three reels, and a discernible additional payout indicator. The additional payout indicator comprises a value selector and a multiplier, wherein the multiplier comprises a pinball-type game. ...

Thomas Howard Bateman, Bruce Edward Kierstead, William Alexander Noble, Timothy Lee Curry, John Alan Lockett, Laurie Edward Mersereau, Robert James Ouellette: System for coordinating communications via customer contact channel changing system using call centre for setting up the call between customer and an available help agent. The New Brunswick Telephone Company, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, March 16, 1999: US05884032 (773 worldwide citation)

This invention (The Customer Contact Channel Changer) enables the integration of different Customer Contact Channels such as live call center ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) agents, ADSI (Analog Display Services Interface) enhanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems and WWW (World Wide Web) ...

James M Jonza, Michael F Weber, Andrew J Ouderkirk, Carl A Stover: Optical film. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, John A Fortkort, March 16, 1999: US05882774 (609 worldwide citation)

Birefringent multilayer optical films in which the refractive indices in the thickness direction of two adjacent layers are substantially matched have a Brewster angle (the angle at which reflectance of p-polarized light goes to zero) which is very large or is nonexistant. This allows for the constr ...

Satyan G Pitroda: Device, system and methods of conducting paperless transactions. March 16, 1999: US05884271 (600 worldwide citation)

A universal electronic transaction card ("UET card") is capable of serving as a number of different credit cards, bank cards, identification cards, employee cards, medical and health care management cards and the like. The UET card includes storage elements, an input interface, a processor, a displa ...

William P Van Antwerp: Polyurethane/polyurea compositions containing silicone for biosensor membranes. MiniMed, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, March 16, 1999: US05882494 (563 worldwide citation)

A homogenous polymer composition useful as a membrane for biosensors is disclosed. The polymer composition comprises the reaction products of a diisocyanate, a hydrophilic diol or diamine, and a silicone material. An aliphatic diol or diamine may also be included. Membranes prepared from the composi ...

William S Duvall, Matthew Kendall: Internet filtering system for filtering data transferred over the internet utilizing immediate and deferred filtering actions. Spyglass, Howrey & Simon, March 16, 1999: US05884033 (508 worldwide citation)

A client-based filtering system compares portions of incoming and/or outgoing messages to filtering information in a filter database, and determines whether to block or allow incoming and/or outgoing transmissions of messages in response to the comparison. In response to a match between the portion ...

Laird H Wise, Efstathios Mavrotheris, James E Curry: Computer network audio access and conversion system. Bell Atlantic Network Services, Fulbright & Jaworski, March 16, 1999: US05884262 (498 worldwide citation)

The computer document audio access and conversion system allows a user to access information originally formatted for audio/visual interfacing on a computer network via a simple telephone. Of course, files formatted specifically for audio interfacing can also be accessed by the system. A user can ca ...