Andreas G Weichert
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Disclosed are 4-(2'-trifluoromethylethyl)benzoylguanidine and 3-methylsulfonyl-4-(2'-trifluoromethylethyl)benzoylguanidine. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions and the use of the compounds in the treatment of disorders induced by ischemia.

Jeffrey A Norris: System and method for real time loan approval. Affinity Technology Group, Rhodes Coats & Bennett L, February 9, 1999: US05870721 (774 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for closed loop, automatic processing a loan, including completion of the application, underwriting, and transferring funds, includes use of a programmed computer to interface with an applicant, obtain the information needed to process the loan, determine whether to approve th ...

James F McGuckin Jr: Method and apparatus for endolumenally resectioning tissue. February 9, 1999: US05868760 (683 worldwide citation)

Surgical method and apparatus for resectioning tissue, preferably lumenal tissue, with a remaining portion of an organ being anastomized with staples or other fastening means, preferably endolumenally. The apparatus may be inserted via a naturally occurring body orifice or a surgical incision and th ...

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A visual Web site analysis program, implemented as a collection of software components, provides a variety of features for facilitating the analysis and management of Web sites and Web site content. A mapping component scans a Web site over a network connection and builds a site map which graphicall ...

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A method and system for tokenless authorization of commercial transactions between a buyer and a seller using a computer system. A transaction is proposed by a seller, and the buyer signals his acceptance by entering his personal authentication information comprising a PIN and at least one biometric ...

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A practical system and method for the remote distribution of financial services (e.g., home banking and bill-paying) involves distributing portable terminals to a user base. The terminals include a multi-line display, keys "pointing to" lines on the display, and additional keys. Contact is establish ...

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A device for suturing a vascular puncture site includes a shaft having a distal end terminating in a pair of resilient prongs, each of which releasably carries a suture anchor attached to one end of a suture. The shaft is installed within a hollow tube for longitudinal translation therein between fi ...

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A novel Web-based package routing, tracking and delivering system and method that uses URL/ZIP-CODE encoded bar code symbols on parcels and packages. The system comprises one or more Routing, Tracking and Delivery (RTD) Internet Server Subsystems connected to the Internet infrastructure and updated ...

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A system and method for providing computerized, knowledge-based medical diagnostic and treatment advice. The medical advice is provided to the general public over a telephone network. Two new authoring languages, interactive voice response and speech recognition are used to enable expert and general ...

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A volumetric tissue ablation apparatus includes a probe having a plurality of wires journaled through a catheter with a proximal end connected to the active terminal of a generator and a distal end projecting from a distal end of the catheter. The probe wire distal ends are arranged in an array with ...