Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Power Michael B, Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta V: High purity trimethylindium, method of synthesis. Morton Int, January 27, 1999: EP0893447-A2

A method of producing trimethylindium (TMI) comprises conducting the reaction: MezInX3-z + (1-1.2)(3-z)Me3A1 + (1-1.2)(6-2z)MF ? Me3In + (1-1.2)(3-z)M(Me2A1F2) + (1-1.2)(3-z)MX X's = Cl, Br or I the same of different for all; M = Na, K, Rb or Cs; and z = 0-2 in a hydrocarbon solvent. Preferably z = ...


Andreas G Weichert
Heinz Werner Kleemann, Joachim Brendel, Jan Robert Schwark, Andreas Weichert, Hans Jochen Lang, Udo Albus, Wolfgang Scholz: Sulfonylamino-substituted benzoylguanidines, a process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic aid, and medicament containing them. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, January 5, 1999: US05856344 (1 worldwide citation)

Benzoylguanidines of the formula I ##STR1## in which R(1) to R(6) have the meanings stated in the claims, are antiarrhythmic pharmaceuticals which have excellent activity and a cardioprotective component and are highly suitable for the prophylaxis of infarcts and the treatment of infarcts, and for t ...

Choi Min Suk: Reflective film for agriculture. Choi Min Suk, January 30, 1999: KR1019970009729

PURPOSE: Reflective film for agriculture increase efficiency of reflection by uniting polyester to the outside of green thin plate, is manufactured with cheap cost by uniting grain of silver foil and polyester for different direction not to split or to be rolled reflective plate. CONSTITUTION: Refle ...

Ahn Jung Geol, Jun Wan Mok, Lee Nam Gi, Lee Yeon Dae, Son Yang Su: Process for producing metal plate coated with polyester film and apparatus thereof. Dongyang Tinplate, January 30, 1999: KR1019970006072

PURPOSE: A process for preparing the title metal plate by laminating a polyester film on a metal plate and quick cooling in a tank equipped with an ultrasonic generator and apparatus thereof are provided which produce a metal coated with a polyester film having uniform crystallinity and excellent ad ...

Song Gil Yeong: Production of natural leather formed with wet silver layer. Ochun, January 30, 1999: KR1019970004694

PURPOSE: A process for preparing natural leather formed with a silver layer by pretreating split leather remaining after removing high-quality grain, coating a polyurethane resin solution on the surface of the specially pretreated leather, dispersed in water and buffing or embossing is provided whic ...

Choi Hong Lim: Evaporation/dry system of animal excretions. Choi Hong Lim, January 30, 1999: KR1019970001403

PURPOSE: Provided is an evaporation/dry system of animal excretions. According to this system, animal excretions is separated into solid and liquid part in a reservoir, and liquid part is put into an evaporation/dry apparatus (20) for controlling moisture content. In the circulation process, heat is ...

Kim Chil Hwan, Lee Do Hyun, Park Dong Gyu: Plow for tractor. Kim Chil Hwan, Lee Do Hyun, Park Dong Gyu, January 30, 1999: KR1019960061519

PURPOSE: Plow for tractor reduces labor power by connecting plow with tractor conveniently and easily, improves work efficiency by being easy to plowing work of whole farm land to near levee of a rice paddy, is easy to stick and rip off lower link of tractor by withdrawing link pin bracket in front ...

Jung Gang Mo, Park Seong Jun: Control method for self-test of newspaper wrapping device. Hanil Dupro Co, January 30, 1999: KR1019960061288

PURPOSE: A controlling method for the self-test of a newspaper wrapping device is provided to rapidly and readily recognize a defective position of a product by sequentially testing the operating state of an important component according to the input order of a specific key and displaying a result o ...

Sung Mun Cheol: Switch for headlight of vehicle. Daewoo Motor, January 30, 1999: KR1019960060777

PURPOSE: A switch for a headlight is provided to be smoothly operated by lighting the headlight and pushing a slide cover sliding along a switch lever and to easily check the state of the headlight according to the length of a cover. CONSTITUTION: A switch for a headlight comprises a switch lever(10 ...