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An automated communications system operates to transfer data, metadata and methods from a provider computer to a consumer computer through a communications network. The transferred information controls the communications relationship, including responses by the consumer computer, updating of informa ...

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The present invention is an expert matching method and apparatus for managing communications between an expert having particular qualifications and an end user seeking a solution to an expert request. In a preferred embodiment, the apparatus of the present invention includes a controller having a da ...

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An automated system checks networked computers, such as computers on the internet, for watermarked audio, video, or image data. A report listing the location of such audio, video or image data is generated, and provided to the proprietor(s) thereof identified by the watermark information.

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An expandable ablation electrode is provided on a catheter constructed to access the heart. When the electrode is introduced to the heart, it is small and suitably flexible to maneuver through the torturous path. However, when the catheter is in place in the heart, the electrode is expansible in dia ...

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A spine distraction implant alleviates pain associated with spinal stenosis and facet arthropathy by expanding the volume in the spine canal and/or neural foramen. The implant provides a spinal extension stop while allowing freedom of spinal flexion.

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An oversized spinal implant for translateral insertion into the disc space between two vertebrae a length that is greater than one half of the transverse width of the vertebrae and is greater than the depth of the vertebrae. The translateral implant of the present invention has a height that is grea ...

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A monitoring method is disclosed which provides for inducing an active pulse in a blood volume of a patient. The induction of an active pulse results in a cyclic, and periodic change in the flow of blood through a fleshy medium under test. By actively inducing a change of the blood volume, modulatio ...

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The present invention is an interactive computer system which may operate on a computer network. Subscribers interact with a fully interactive programthrough the use of input devices and a personal computer or a television. The multiple video/audio datastreams may be received from a broadcast transm ...

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A microstrip RF telemetry antenna is formed on or within the exterior surface of an implantable medical device housing that is formed either of a conductive metal or of a non-conductive dielectric material. The microstrip antenna is formed of an electrically conductive radiator patch layer that is l ...

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An electrosurgical cutting device comprises an instrument body, and first and second cutting blades, at least one of which is pivotally mounted on the body to execute a scissor action with respect to the other blade. Electrical supply conductors associated with the body supply an electrosurgical vol ...