Alvin Lavoie
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The present invention relates to fast drying waterborne printing inks and to method of using such inks in high speed printing processes, such rotogravure and flexographic printing processes. The printing ink includes, for example, a blend of a latex binder and a polyfunctional amine. The pH of the i ...

Thomas Craig Kevern: Inbred maize line PH0HC. Pioneer Hi Bred International, Pioneer Hi Bred International, December 15, 1998: US05850009 (1457 worldwide citation)

An inbred maize line, designated PH0HC, the plants and seeds of inbred maize line PH0HC, methods for producing a maize plant produced by crossing the inbred line PH0HC with itself or with another maize plant, and hybrid maize seeds and plants produced by crossing the inbred line PH0HC with another m ...

William R Adams: Method of playing game and gaming games with an additional payout indicator. Anchor Gaming, Galgano & Burke, December 15, 1998: US05848932 (1204 worldwide citation)

Gaming devices comprising a standard gaming unit, e.g., three reels, and a discernible additional payout indicator, e.g., a rotatable wheel. A preferred bonus payout indicator is clearly visible by the player and is actuatable when the reels of the slot machine stop on certain predetermined indicia. ...

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A system and method are provided for providing a full service cable television system. The cable system incorporates a digital and analog transmission architecture capable of delivering a high number of high quality television programs, advanced cable services, and online services to a subscriber's ...

Sead Muftic: Secure world wide electronic commerce over an open network. Entegrity Solutions Corporation, Foley & Lardner, December 15, 1998: US05850442 (693 worldwide citation)

A network of users and servers of a type found in the Internet system is extended to permit secure electronic commercial transactions to be accomplished. The network is extended to include a public key infrastructure and electronic transactions can be securely performed utilizing smart token technol ...

David Edward Rondeau: System and method for providing an on-line directory service. Sprint Communication Co, Harley R Ball, Jed W Caven, December 15, 1998: US05850433 (448 worldwide citation)

An on-line directory service includes a server associated with a database containing a plurality of directory listings including advertising information. A customer subscribing to the on-line directory service may selectively view directory listings from the database by initiating a search research ...

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An electrosurgical device for medical treatment of tissue at a treatment site through a body opening. The device includes a sheath having proximal and distal extremities and having a passageway extending from the proximal extremity to the distal extremity. A guide tube is slidably mounted in the pas ...

Saied Moezzi, Arun Katkere, Ramesh Jain: Immersive video, including video hypermosaicing to generate from multiple video views of a scene a three-dimensional video mosaic from which diverse virtual video scene images are synthesized, including panoramic, scene interactive and stereoscopic images. The Regents of the University of California, Fuess & Davidenas, December 15, 1998: US05850352 (386 worldwide citation)

Immersive video, or television, images of a real-world scene are synthesized, including on demand and/or in real time, as are linked to any of a particular perspective on the scene, or an object or event in the scene. Synthesis is in accordance with user-specified parameters of presentation, includi ...

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An imaging structure has a periphery adapted to selectively assume an expanded geometry and a collapsed geometry. The periphery of the imaging structure carries an array of spaced apart ultrasound transducers.

Curt L Carrender, Jeremy A Landt, Donald F Speirs: Integrated electronic tag reader and wireless communication link. Amtech Corporation, Fish & Richardson P C, December 15, 1998: US05850187 (355 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for object identification which includes a portable electronic tag reader having a transceiver capable both of reading identification information from electronic tags and transmitting collected information to a base unit for remote analysis. The system of the present invention ...