Tarran Jones
Mary M Bendig, Olivier J Leger, Jose Saldanha, S Tarran Jones, Ted A Yednock: Humanized antibodies against leukocyte adhesion molecule VLA-4. Athena Neurosciences, Townsend & Townsend & Crew, November 24, 1998: US05840299 (86 worldwide citation)

The invention provides humanized immunoglobulins that specifically bind to the VLA-4 ligand, and methods of treatment using the same. The methods are particularly useful for treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Fred Thomas
David Foster, George T Krieger, Shane Nowell, Fred Thomas III, Brent J Watson: Caddy for cartridge and disk drive accomodating a caddy. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, November 24, 1998: US05841605 (10 worldwide citation)

A caddy for adapting a mini-cartridge for use in a full-sized disk drive. The mini-cartridge is designed for use in a mini disk drive, which has dimensions and other characteristics different from a full-size disk drive. The caddy provides a mechanism for translating the size of the min-cartridge to ...

Henning Rud Andersen, John Michael Hasenkam, Lars Lyhne Knudsen: System and method for implanting cardiac valves. Jeffry J Grainger, Jens E Hoekendijk, Michael J Lynch, November 24, 1998: US05840081 (832 worldwide citation)

A valve prosthesis (9) for implantation in the body by use of catheter (11) comprises a stent made from an expandable cylinder-shaped thread structure (2,3) comprising several spaced apices (4). The elastically collapsible valve (4) is mounted on the stent as the commissural points (5) of the valve ...

Jude S Sauer, Alex Kobilansky, Theodore J Tiberio, Jeffrey M Shaw: Collapsible anvil assembly and applicator instrument. LaserSurge, Cumpston & Shaw, November 24, 1998: US05839639 (679 worldwide citation)

A collapsible anvil assembly and applicator instrument for use with a surgical stapler. The collapsible anvil assembly includes an anvil shaft and a plurality of anvil segments, having staple clinching buckets thereon, flexibly affixed to the anvil shaft which are movable between a collapsed or radi ...

Pekka Heinonen, Harri Okkonen: Monitoring method and a monitoring equipment. Nokia Mobile Phones, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, November 24, 1998: US05840020 (656 worldwide citation)

Monitoring equipment including means for receiving a measurement result indicating the patient's blood glucose level, and for staring it in a first memory means. In order to improve and facilitate the treatment of the patient, the monitoring equipment further includes means for receiving data concer ...

Joseph Giovannoli: Computerized quotation system and method. Kaplan & Gilman, November 24, 1998: US05842178 (572 worldwide citation)

A computerized system for forming a computer based communications network of network members inclusive of network buyers and or network vendors for processing requests for quotation for goods and services through at least one central processing unit including operating system software for controling ...

Geoffrey B Rhoads: Network linking method using steganographically embedded data objects. Digimarc Corporation, Marger Johnson McCollom & Stolowitz P C, November 24, 1998: US05841978 (516 worldwide citation)

A given data object can effectively contain both a graphical representation to a network user and embedded information, such as the URL address of another network node, thereby to permit the object itself to serve as an automated hot link. The underlying development tools and web site browsers creat ...

Charles William Eichelberger: Single chip modules, repairable multichip modules, and methods of fabrication thereof. EPIC Technologies, Heslin & Rothenberg P C, November 24, 1998: US05841193 (463 worldwide citation)

Multichip and single chip modules are presented as well as a chips first fabrication of such modules. The multichip module comprises a plurality of chips affixed in a planar array by a structural material which surrounds the sides of the chips such that the upper surfaces of the chips and an upper s ...

Eric R Fossum, Robert Nixon: CMOS active pixel sensor type imaging system on a chip. California Institute of Technology, Fish & Richardson P C, November 24, 1998: US05841126 (448 worldwide citation)

Single substrate device is formed to have an image acquistition device and a controller. The controller on the substrate controls the system operation.

Norman F Krasner: GPS receiver utilizing a communication link. SnapTrack, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, November 24, 1998: US05841396 (447 worldwide citation)

A precision carrier frequency signal for calibrating a local oscillator of a GPS receiver which is used to acquire GPS signals. The precision carrier frequency signal is used to calibrate the local oscillator such that the output of the local oscillator, which is used to acquire GPS signals, is modi ...