Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
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A head loading mechanism for a removable cartridge disk drive comprises a support base fixedly mounted in the drive, and a moveable member movably attached to the support base via a pair of elongate flexures. The moveable member has a ramped surface adapted to engage a suspension arm at the distal e ...

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A method for designing networks including placing device icons representing intelligent device objects on a network design sheet, selecting a media type representing an intelligent media object, and connecting the media type to a first one of the device icons. The method further includes validating ...

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A surgical stapler is provided which is insertable through an endoscopic tube to enable a surgeon to staple a hernia patch to tissue inside a body cavity. The endoscopic surgical stapler includes a staple cartridge pivotally mounted on the distal end of a support tube extending from a handle provide ...

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A system and method for monitoring a group of patients having a chronic disease or ongoing health condition. The method includes the step of collecting from each patient a corresponding set of measurements of a control parameter of the health condition. Each set of measurements has a collection date ...

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A system for automatically distributing discount coupons or certificates in a retail store, conditioned on a preselected combination of present and past shopping behavior of a customer whose order is being processed at a checkout stand. Generation of a printable discount coupon can be based on any d ...

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Method and apparatus for utilizing the vascular system as a conduit to reach other vascular and extravascular locations within the body. Included are methods for revascularization wherein the extravascular passageways are formed to permit blood flow between vascular locations. Also included are meth ...

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Disclosed are novel methods for embolizing blood vessels which are particularly suited for treating vascular lesions via catheter delivery of an embolic composition comprising a biocompatible polymer and an embolic solvent.

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A method for generating libraries of displayed peptides and/or antibodies (Abs) suitable for affinity interaction screening or phenotypic screening comprising: (i) obtaining selected library members comprising a displayed peptide and/or Ab and the corressponding polynucleotide (PN), or copies of it, ...

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A monitor for determining a patient's physical condition includes a calibration device configured to provide a calibration signal representative of a patient's physiological parameter. An exciter is positioned over a blood vessel of the patient for inducing a transmitted exciter waveform into the pa ...

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A method and system for synchronizing display of data relating to a predetermined application between an interactive terminal and at least one mobile interface device having a display. The at least one mobile interface device receives a user input signal and transmits the user input signal for synch ...