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A surgical instrument for performing endoscopic surgical procedures. In one embodiment, the instrument includes a knife that remains unexposed until initiation of a cutting sequence, and returns to an unexposed position at the conclusion of the cutting sequence, minimizing the risk of injury to the ...

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Electrosurgical energy is used in combination with a surgical tool to seal vessels and vascular tissue of a patient. One of the important advances of the present system is that it can effectively seal vessels of a patient without leaving any foreign material in the body of the patient. The present s ...

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A balloon for use in compressing cancellous bone and marrow (also known as medullary bone or trabecular bone) against the inner cortex of bones whether the bones are fractured or not. The balloon comprises an inflatable, non-expandable balloon body for insertion into said bone. The body has a shape ...

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A surgical fastening system for attaching one piece of tissue to another piece of tissue. The system comprises a surgical fastener, an installation tool for deploying the surgical fastener in tissue, and a method for using the same.

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An endoscopic surgical instrument with manual controls and single-handed design has a tubular barrel with a handle at its proximal end and an end effector at its distal end. A linkage extends through the tubular barrel and connects the handle with the end effector. The handle has a stationary finger ...

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A method and modular apparatus for diagnostic assessment of psychological conditions which employs a compact microprocessor-based unit such as a video game. In accordance with the invention, the microprocessor-based unit is programmed to produce a video display that prompts a patient or user to inte ...

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A system for determining the spatial position and angular orientation of an object in real-time is provided having a sensor section and a plurality of activatable markers, adapted for mounting to the object. The plurality of markers are activated simultaneously during each cycle of the sensor sectio ...

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An emboli capturing system captures emboli in blood flowing through vasculature. The emboli capturing system includes a guidewire having a longitudinal axis and defining a lumen. An expandable member is coupled to a distal portion of the guidewire and has an interior which is in fluid communication ...

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The present invention provides a scheme for merging television schedule information received from multiple sources (26, 28, 30 and 34). In the preferred embodiment, a microprocessor (36) mixes and sorts the schedule information received from multiple source devices (26, 28, 30 or 34). The schedule i ...