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A fiber distribution frame (10) includes a fixture (26) having a plurality of modules (58) mounted side-by-side within said fixture with each of the modules being individually mounted in a line of travel. Each of the modules (58) can be locked in any one of a plurality of discrete positions within t ...

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A positive working photosensitive lithographic printing plate comprising an aluminum substrate and a positive working photosensitive layer, the aluminum substrate having been anodized and rendered water-wettable, wherein an intermediate layer containing a polymer comprising (A) a unit interacting wi ...

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The irradiation device (10, 15, 16) irradiates, at the time of recording main information, a first light beam having a first power and a second light beam having a second power on the pre-pits in a time-divisional manner. The light receiving device (10) receives a reflected light of the first light ...

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A synergistic anti-bacterial composition, including: (a) an extract of botanical materials, the botanical materials including material from Plantago species, Hypericum species, Echinacea species and Propolis; and (b) oil of cinnamon.

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The power output of a static DC_DC converter employing a current mode PWM controller is controlled upon the varying of the switching frequency, by detecting the sawtooth signal produced by the local oscillator generating a DC signal with amplitude inversely proportional to the frequency and by alter ...

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A process for the preparation of methacrylate esters, wherein (a) propyne is stripped in a distillation column from a solvent stream containing dissolved propyne, to afford a gaseous propyne stream that is subsequently condensed, and (b) the condensed propyne is contacted with carbon monoxide and an ...

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The present invention relates to a DNA polymerase possesses the properties of 1) exhibiting higher polymerase activity when assayed by using as a substrate a complex resulting from primer annealing to a single stranded template DNA, as compared to the case where an activated DNA is used as a substra ...

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The invention relates to a method for carrying out two chemical reactions in a reactor system comprising at least two mutually separate reactor beds, of which the surfaces exposed to the reactants are catalytically active for the chemical reactions concerned, and at least one partition, wherein at l ...

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A single wafer reactor (210) having a vented lower liner (284) for heating exhaust gas is disclosed. The apparatus includes a reaction chamber (212). A wafer support member (220) which divides the chamber into an upper (222) and lower portion (224) is positioned within the chamber (212). A gas outle ...

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A sapphire substrate, a buffer layer of undoped GaN and a compound semiconductor crystal layer successively formed on the sapphire substrate together form a substrate of a light emitting diode. A first cladding layer of n-type GaN, an active layer of undoped In0.2Ga0.8N and a second cladding layer s ...