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The present invention provides a prize redemption system for use with one or more game apparatuses. A game is provided on a game apparatus for a player to play in exchange for monetary input, and prize credits are credited to the player based on the game outcome. A prize selection menu is then displ ...

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The invention concerns using multiple computers to hold a conference. Under the invention, an application program can run on a single computer, yet remote participants can issue commands to the program. Remote participants can watch the program operate, because the invention replicates the display w ...

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A method is disclosed for maintaining consistent states of a file system. The file system progresses from one self-consistent state to another self-consistent state. The set of self-consistent blocks on disk that is rooted by a root inode is referred to as a consistency point. The root inode is stor ...

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Query electrodes are provided for monitoring the electrical impedance of tissue as it is treated with electrosurgical energy. In one embodiment, based on a predicted model of tissue impedance and a number of initial impedance readings, the impedance at which tissue treatment is completed is predicte ...

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A surgical instrument having a handle, barrel and working end effector tip is provided. The barrel is generally tubular, with one end being releasably connected to the handle. The end effector is moveably attached to the other end of the barrel, and may be positioned and operated independently throu ...

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A visual editing system for creating commercial online computer services. The visual editing system creates online services that consist of a number of subservices. Each subservice is a program that provides a particular type of functionality to the online service. Different subservices exist for di ...

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A reduced keyboard disambiguating computer. The keyboard has twelve keys, nine of them labeled with numerous letters and other symbols, and those nine plus one more are labeled each with one of the ten digits. Textual entry keystrokes are ambiguous. The user strikes a delimiting "select" key at the ...

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A remote center positioner used to support an instrument and provide a center of spherical rotation, remote from any bearings or mechanical supports, at a desired location of the instrument. The remote center positioner is particularly useful in laparoscopic surgery to constrain a surgical instrumen ...

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Surgical staplers for use during open and/or laparoscopic surgical procedures are disclosed. Novel firing device trapping assemblies, pushers, staple lines and firing handles are described. Many of the novel devices reduce the overall firing force experienced by the surgeon.