Jeffrey Orion Pritchard, Timothy P Allen, Richard R Schediwy, John C Platt, Ting Kao: Object position detector. Synaptics Incorporated, October 1, 1998: TW341684 (48 worldwide citation)

An object proximity sensor, including:a capacitive touch-sensitive transducer including row conductive lines disposed in a first direction insulated from column conductive lines disposed in a second direction generally perpendicular to the first direction to form a matrix, and an insulating layer di ...

Tokino Takashi, Nakamura Yusuke: Molecule dacide nucleique pour recepteur des muscles specifiques du squelette humain, Nucleic acid molecule for a human skeletal muscle-specific receptor. Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, October 1, 1998: CA2284859 (13 worldwide citation)

Novel human genes usable in gene diagnosis and development of new therapeutic methods. Specifically, human genes containing a nucleotide sequence encoding the entirety of or a portion of the amino acid sequence represented by SEQ ID NO: 1, in particular, ones which are under the specific transcripti ...

Igor Y Khandros, Benjamin N Eldridge, Gaetan L Mathieu: Techniques of fabricating interconnection elements and tip structures for same using sacrificial substrates. Formfactor, October 1, 1998: TW341747 (9 worldwide citation)

A method of fabricating an interconnection element having contact tips, which is characterized in:pre-fabricating a tip structure on a sacrificial substrate;loading the tip structure to the contact end of an interconnection element; andremoving the sacrificial substrate.

Fereshtehkhou Saeed, Policicchio Nicola John, Holt Steven Allen: Ustensile de nettoyage comprenant un tampon nettoyeur amovible a plusieurs surfaces nettoyantes, A cleaning implement comprising a removable cleaning pad having multiple cleaning surfaces. The Procter & Gamble Company, The Procter & Gamble Company, DIMOCK STRATTON, October 1, 1998: CA2284654 (8 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a cleaning implement comprising a handle and a removable clean-ing pad. The cleaning pad is designed to provide multiple cleaning surfaces each of which contact the soiled surface during the cleaning operation. The cleaning pad also preferably has the ability to absorb at least about 10 ...

Sakamoto Akihiro: Circuit simulating method. Nippon Denki, October 1, 1998: TW341680 (8 worldwide citation)

A circuit simulation method characterized in that circuit information of an electronic circuit to be simulated is inputted, and whether or not a linear circuit element circuit included in the electronic circuit is passive, is discriminated; for this discrimination, an inductance matrix of the electr ...

Donald Gringer: Automatically retractable utility knife with plastic spring. Allway Tools, October 1, 1998: TW341539 (7 worldwide citation)

An automatically retractable utility knife with plastic spring, which comprises:a sheath;a molded plastic retractable spring installed in the sheath; anda tool saddle placed in the sheath and receiving a bias pressure from the molded plastic retractable spring.

Bigus Joseph Phillip, Cragun Brian John, Delp Helen Roxlo: Agent intelligent possedant des capacites de negociation et procede de negociation au moyen de cet agent intelligent, Intelligent agent with negotiation capability and method of negotiation therewith. International Business Machines Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation, WANG PETER, October 1, 1998: CA2277848 (6 worldwide citation)

An intelligent agent (100) and method of negotiating incorporating a number of features, used alone or in combination, to enhance the productivity, security, efficiency and responsiveness of the agent (100) in negotiations with other parties. One feature where an agent (100) is resident on a remote ...

Sang Hean Kim, Jin Hwan Cgung, Noi Ha Cho: Apparatus for coating zinc on steel sheet, and method therefor. Pohang Iron & Steel, October 1, 1998: TW341533 (5 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for continuously coating zinc on a steel sheet, comprising:a zinc coating chamber for forming a fluidized bed of zinc powders, for passing a heated steel sheet (heated by a heating means) through the fluidized bed of the zinc powders, and for making the zinc powders melt-adhere on the s ...

Chu Albert E: Dispositif analytique pour tests a base de membranes, Analytical device for membrane-based assays. Chu Albert E, E Y Laboratories, SMART & BIGGAR, October 1, 1998: CA2285048 (4 worldwide citation)

Methods of making analytical assay devices and methods of using the devices in analytical assays, such as immunoassays, are described. The analytical assay device comprises a liquid-impervious top support layer (10) that defines a rim (12) around an open port (11), and a porous reaction membrane (13 ...

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A device for providing collision detection in a wireless carrier sense multiple access system, comprising:(A) a detector, for detecting received electromagnetic signals;(B) a receiver, coupled to the detector, for receiving electromagnetic signals from the detector and converting the electromagnetic ...