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An Online Brokering Service provides user authentication and billing services to allow users to anonymously and securely purchase online services from Service Providers (SP) sites (e.g., World Wide Web sites) over a distributed public network, which may be an untrusted public network such as the Int ...

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An electronic monetary system provides for transactions utilizing an electronic-monetary system that emulates a wallet or a purse that is customarily used for keeping money, credit cards and other forms of payment organized. Access to the instruments in the wallet or purse is restricted by a passwor ...

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An emboli capturing system captures emboli in blood flowing in the vasculature. The emboli capturing system includes a guidewire having a longitudinal axis and defining a lumen along at least a portion thereof. An expandable member is coupled to a distal portion of the guidewire and has an interior ...

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A supporting element for a staple region suitable for application by an automatic stapling device employed during surgery. The supporting element comprises a fabric-like object having a tube-like shape.

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A surgical stapling instrument which has an elongated staple cartridge and anvil is disclosed. The anvil is movable relative to the cartridge from rearward to forward positions for insertion of tissue between these two components and clamping the tissue, respectively. A pair of spaced-apart ribs pro ...

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The invention relates to transgenic non-human animals capable of producing heterologous antibodies and transgenic non-human animals having inactivated endogenous immunoglobulin genes. In one aspect of the invention, endogenous immunoglobulin genes are suppressed by antisense polynucleotides and/or b ...