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A printhead having reduced spray includes orifi from which ink is expelled by an ink ejector (201, 207). The orifi employ an aperture (1001) at the outer surface of the orifice plate having two orthogonal dimensions (aH, bH) with one dimension having a greater magnitude than the other. The aperture ...

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The present invention relates to a method for recording an AV file using an information recording disk in which data is recorded/reproduced by sectors. The recording method includes the steps of: determining whether or not input data is AV data; detecting a defective sector existing in an assigned d ...

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A system and method for providing telemarketing services through a hypertext network that interconnects a telemarketing server system with a customer computer and an agent computer. The telemarketing server accepts a telemarketing request from the customer, and forwards the request to the agent if t ...

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A polycrystalline diamond or other superabrasive cutting element (100), including a superabrasive cutting face (124) extending in two dimensions, generally transversely to a longitudinal axis (L) of the cutting element (100). The cutting face (124) includes a rearwardly-extending and substantially p ...

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A method of changing the functionality of a statically bound device driver, by dynamically extending the static device driver using a registered driver extension. The static device driver has a plurality of handlers or functions (such as input/output functions) used to control a device that is conne ...

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Video and audio data of a plurality of received programs and a common information ECM are recorded to a recording medium. A recording position of the program. is written on a management table. When reproducing a desired one of the recorded programs, the ECM is also reproduced together with the video ...

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A laryngeal mask assembly has a mask portion 13 formed by a mount 15 with a plate 20 to which an inflatable cuff 16 and 17 is attached on both sides. The plate 20 projects beyond the cuffs to form a leading tip 21 to aid insertion of the assembly into the patient.

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A catheter deliverable thrombogenic device includes a catheter for threading into a body vasculature passageway to a target iocation, and a resilient wire element coiled and shaped to occupy a certain volume when unconstrained, and to straighten when inserted lengthwise into and constrained by the c ...

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A medical electrical lead for establishing an electrical connection with a tissue of the body, the lead having a lead body 6 and a semi-cylindrical cuff 15. In the preferred embodiment the semi-cylindrical cuff features one or more electrodes 10,11,12. The semi-cylindrical cuff having a long flap 16 ...

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A graphical user interface for an entertainment system assists a viewer while navigating channels. The user interface is a channel bar which is displayed together with the currently selected channel. The channel bar has a plurality of linearly arranged channel-related icons for navigating the channe ...