Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink: Method of converting a series of m-bit information words to a modulated signal, method of producing a record carrier, coding device, device, recording device, signal, as well as a record carrier. U S Philips Corporation, Edward Blocker, August 4, 1998: US05790056 (22 worldwide citation)

A method of converting a series of m-bit information words to a modulated signal. For each information word from the series an n-bit code word is delivered. The delivered code words are converted to the modulated signal. The code words are distributed over at least one group of a first type and at l ...

Park In Ho: Device and method for changing angle of sight in car monitor. Samsung Electronics, August 31, 1998: KR1019960047164

PURPOSE: A device and a method for changing the angle of sight in a car monitor are provided to assure a front viewing state by rotating a monitor till an angle in which a driver cannot watch the monitor in case that a car is running over a predetermined velocity and causing the monitor to be watche ...

Kim Cheol Ho: Device for generating transmission signal in electric vehicle. Daewoo Motor, August 31, 1998: KR1019960042614

PURPOSE: A generating device for a transmission signal is provided to install a switch box converting shift power, from a gear lever to the transmission signal, in the indoor room of an electric vehicle for more space. CONSTITUTION: A transmission for an electric vehicle contains a gear lever(18) fo ...

Jung Jae Hun: Long socket wrench having light. Daewoo Motor, August 31, 1998: KR1019960042215

PURPOSE: A long socket wrench having a light is provided to easily identify a screw positioned in a deep and dark location and to perform a predetermined work while watching the screw with workers eye. CONSTITUTION: The long socket wrench comprises a main body(1), a reinforced fixing pin(10), an imm ...

Bae Ta Gwan: Mirror assembly for sun visor. Daewoo Motor, August 31, 1998: KR1019960034264

PURPOSE: A mirror assembly is provided to easily open the cover of a sun visor with durability and intensity. CONSTITUTION: To open a cover(12) of a sun visor from a housing, a driver pulls the lower portion of the cover and an upper face(14a) of a fixing device(14) is contacted with an upper portio ...

Lee Chang Ho: Computer system having simple power control function. Samsung Electronics, August 31, 1998: KR1019960014791

PURPOSE: A computer system having a simple power control function is provided so that a system operation can be simplified by controlling a power supplying with only a reset switch. CONSTITUTION: A computer system having a simple power control function includes a switching mode power supply (10), wh ...

Pyung Seong Wook: High voltage stabilizing circuit. Samsung Electronics, August 31, 1998: KR1019960013870

PURPOSE: A circuit is provided to prevent a screen distortion and stabilizing a screen through stabilizing a high voltage fluctuation by composing an AC component to an existing DC component with detecting a high voltage fluctuation. CONSTITUTION: A high voltage detection part(103) detects a high vo ...

Hong Yun Kwang, Lee Eon Ju, Sim Su Kyung: Method for producing polyester fiber having natural feeling. Samyang Corporation, August 31, 1998: KR1019960013159

PURPOSE: Provided is a method for producing polyester fabric which has a natural feel by unlevel dyeing but has no puckering and slip. CONSTITUTION: A polyester fabric having a natural feel is provided by using a drawn yarn weft having unlevel dyeing while being dyed. The drawn yarn is obtained by g ...

Kim Tae Sang: Computer apparatus. Samsung Electronics, August 31, 1998: KR1019960012333

PURPOSE: A computer apparatus is provided so that a user can use conveniently and also carry is very convenient by forming a keyboard, speaker and principal body as a one body. CONSTITUTION: A computer apparatus includes a monitor (300), which is combined to a principal body (100) with a hinge. A ke ...

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