Blythe Robert Lewis: Method and apparatus for detecting tube occlusion. Valleylab, August 5, 1998: EP0856326-A1 (345 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for detecting an occlusion in a monitored pressure tube connected to a percutaneous passageway, wherein the pressure of inert gas within the tube is measured in relation to a predetermined pressure, and the rate of pressure change measured.

Miyamoto Yoshiko, Ikeda Shin, Yoshioka Toshihiko, Nankai Shiro: Biosensor and method of manufacturing the same. Matsushita Electric, August 5, 1998: EP0856586-A1 (147 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a biosensor facilitating high accuracy quantification of a specific component in a sample solution with no adverse influence of solid substances. The biosensor comprises an electrically insulating base plate, an electrode system comprising a working electrode and a counter electrode for ...

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The present invention relates to an improved order fulfillment system. The system is provided with improved data entry system for selecting items for purchase by a customer, and an improved item collection terminal and order delivery system. The portable terminal to be used for collecting of items i ...

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An optical audio disc comprises the first pack (A Pack), the second pack (A-CONT Pack), the third pack (V Pack), and the fourth pack (CONT Pack) in which the A-CONT Pack is placed at the head of a data array and a plurality of the A and V Packs follow the A-CONT Pack in each audio contents block uni ...

Yamazaki Shigeo: Fibre channel fabric. Nippon Electric Co, August 5, 1998: EP0856969-A1 (68 worldwide citation)

There is provided a fibre channel fabric including (a) a fibre channel interface controller (10) for communicating with a termination node or another fibre channel fabric to control a fibre channel in protocol, (b) an input data buffer (20) for temporarily storing a frame received from termination n ...

Ito Shinichiro: Method and system for locating a mobile station. Matsushita Electric, August 5, 1998: EP0856746-A2 (64 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a mobile station locating method for locating a mobile station based on a mobile communications system. Radio zones of base stations (21, 22, 23) are dissected into a plurality of search areas (grid sections). A positional relationship between base stations and a concerned ...

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The present invention is directed to a system that allows a subscriber to take a telephone call over the Internet when the subscriber telephone line is busy servicing a browser-based Internet session without requiring that the subscriber disconnect or terminate the Internet session. The system trans ...

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A portable data carrier includes a receiving circuit 202 for use thereby in a contactless mode to receive a power signal. The portable data carrier further includes a rectifying element 206 connected to the receiving circuit and having two voltage outputs, whereby the difference between the two volt ...

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A broadband reflective display has improved reflectivity as well as a lack of haze or opaqueness when viewed from various viewing angles, a reduced drive voltage compared to conventional devices and an improved peak photopic reflectance. The broadband reflective display includes a plurality of pairs ...

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A routing method for an information distribution system (10), such as an automatic communications distribution system, allows substantial content freedom in the formulation of a message to the system. The messages are converted (66) to a computer-searchable format and are subjected to content analys ...