John Franco Franchi: Open architecture casino operating system. June 23, 1998: US05770533 (1100 worldwide citation)

A casino operating system is disclosed for controlling the flow of funds and monitoring gambling activities in a casino or a gaming establishment utilizing a network of computers, including a central computer and individual game computers. Each player receives an encoded betting card from the cashie ...

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A game which involves a player positioning sequentially-provided symbols onto a plurality of pre-defined positions is provided. In one embodiment, a plurality of columns, each with a plurality of positions is displayed, symbols are randomly presented and displayed to the user who may then select int ...

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A signal processor which acquires a first signal, including a first desired signal portion and a first undesired signal portion, and a second signal, including a second desired signal portion and a second undesired signal portion, wherein the first and second desired signal portions are correlated. ...

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This invention makes it possible for a customer computer to connect to an online service provider computer by phone, Internet, or other method, pay a fee to said service provider, and obtain additional processing and storage resources for the customer's computer. The resources can take the form of v ...

Brian Gordon Kingwell: Surgical stapler sleeve for reinforcing staple lines. Mitroflow International, June 23, 1998: US05769892 (540 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler sleeve comprises a sheet of host-compatible material, a first edge of the sheet being folded back adjacent to a second edge of the sheet to give the sheet a tubular conformation, the first and second edges being releasably fastened to one another.

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An automatic control system for a vacuum-assisted automatic core biopsy device (10) is provided, wherein the automatic core biopsy device (10) comprises a housing (12), out of which extends a needle assembly (14) including a hollow outer piercing needle (16), an inner cutter (18) having a lumen (20) ...

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The invention relates to transgenic non-human animals capable of producing heterologous antibodies and methods for producing human sequence antibodies which bind to human antigens with substantial affinity.

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A bio-absorbable cartilage repair system for regenerating damaged or destroyed articular cartilage on the surface of a bone by establishing a chondrogenic growth-supporting matrix between an area of removed damaged or destroyed articular cartilage and the adjacent healthy cancellous bone. The system ...

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Devices and methods for filtering blood. The devices generally comprise: a mesh for filtering blood flowing within a blood vessel, particularly within an artery such as the aorta; a structure adapted to open and close the mesh within the blood vessel; and a means to actuate the structure. The method ...

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An endocardial ablation apparatus, for introduction into a heart chamber formed by a wall, is provides. The ablation apparatus includes an inflatable, flexible porous membrane adapted to receive an electrolytic solution, and become inflated to substantially conform an exterior surface of the membran ...