Agent for treating or preventing contact allergy. Thorel Jean Noel, June 12, 1998: FR2756735-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

An agent (A) for inhibiting the expression of the adherence protein ICAM-1 by activated keratinocytes comprises at least one fucose and/or rhamnose compound (I) in a biologically acceptable carrier. Also claimed are pharmaceutical compositions, medicaments or cosmetic compositions containing (A).

Ponson Frederic, Poulle Thierry, Arnault Benoit, Collignon Bertrand, Houdayer Christophe, Zingariello Filippo: Palier a roulement de colonne de direction pour vehicules automobiles. Skf France, June 12, 1998: FR2756885-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a rolling bearing, in particular for motor vehicle steering column comprising an external ring (4) provided with a bearing raceway, an internal ring (6) provided with a bearing raceway, a row of rolling elements (8) arranged between the bearing raceways of said rings, an allow ...

Serrecchia Gerard: Mounting for cable sheath in motor vehicle. Adwest Oci, June 12, 1998: FR2756879-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The mounting is for a round sheath onto a support using a clip (3). The clip is made of an elastic material and allows temporary coupling fitting in an opening of the form (2a) corresponding to that presented by the support. One of the ends of the body has a fitting arranged to ensure, under the eff ...

Catte Etienne: Procede de realisation dun circuit electronique pour une carte a memoire sans contact. Schlumberger, June 12, 1998: FR2756955-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a method for producing an electronic circuit (1) for an electronic chip card for non-contact data exchange with a reading device, said electronic circuit (1) comprising an antenna (10) for being coupled with said reading device and a semiconductor chip (20) connected to said a ...

Wehowski Frederic: Objet portatif telealimente pour la communication sans contact avec une borne. Innovatron, June 12, 1998: FR2756953-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The portable object (200) comprises a plurality of electric contacts for communicating by galvanic channel with a terminal of a first type itself comprising a plurality of homologous electric contacts, and a coil (102) for communicating without contact with a terminal of a second type (100) transmit ...

Blanchard Gilbert, Quemere Eric: Composition a base doxyde de cerium ou doxydes de cerium et de zirconium, sous forme extrudee, son procede de preparation et son utilisation comme catalyseur. Rhone Poulenc Chimie, June 12, 1998: FR2756819-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a composition with base of cerium oxide or cerium and zirconium oxide, in extruded form, its method of preparation and its use as catalyst. The method of preparation of this composition is characterised in that it consists in extruding a hydroxide or an oxygen hydroxide of cer ...

Fage Claude: Transportation of objects through processing tank used especially for treating vehicle framework. Sietam, June 12, 1998: FR2756815-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The device (2) transports objects (5) which pass through a tank containing a processing fluid in a processing installation. The installation comprises an overhead conveyor which drives the transport device in a determined direction. It is constituted by a suspended tray conveyor (2") comprising an u ...

Cornelius Michel, de Verchere Bernard, Moine Picard Thierry: Fixing device for securing fuel injector in cylinder head. Renault, June 12, 1998: FR2756872-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The fixing device comprises a forked bracket (7), of which one extremity, in the form of a U-shape, has two parallel arms (9) which fit on to the body (6) of the fuel injector (1). The bracket is fixed to the cylinder head (3) by means of a threaded bolt (11) which fits into the hole (10) in the bra ...

Schorman Eric R, Rozanski Walter J Jr, Clark Michael Paul: Procede et systeme pour loptimisation dun canal de trafic dans un systeme de communication sans fil. Motorola, June 12, 1998: FR2757004-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

In a wireless communications system (20), a beacon having a first radiation pattern (28) covering a portion of a subscriber service area (34) covered by a base station is transmitted. A subscriber (36) reception quality is then measured to produce a first beacon quality measurement (210). Thereafter ...

Ko Sung Woo: Thermal resistant perforated shadow mask for colour flat screen crt. LG Electronics, June 12, 1998: FR2756971-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

An inactive secondary surface (101) forms an extension of the active surface (100) at the centre of the mask in which openings (101') are formed. In the secondary surface, interconnection strips (a), which correspond to the distance between the openings, form a gradation in size outwards that is rad ...