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An improvement to calibration and quality assurance of an ultrasonic bone analysis apparatus is achieved by using phantoms. A received ultrasound signal that passed through a first phantom is used as a baseline for calculating BUA. The first phantom has an attenuation-versus-frequency profile that i ...

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A bifurcated stent for insertion into a bifurcated vessel such as a blood vessel. In one embodiment, a first sheet is formed into a first leg, a second sheet is formed into a second leg, a third sheet is formed into a stem, and the two legs are attached to the stem. In a second embodiment, a first s ...

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A bioresorbable string of implantable beads in which the beads consist essentially of calcium sulfate and a quantity of a drug suitable for treating tissue disorders, and in which both the beads and the line that joins the beads together are bioresorbable.

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A tubular prosthesis is implanted at a target location within a body lumen by transluminally positioning the prosthesis and thereafter radially expanding the prosthesis to conform to an inner wall of the lumen. The prosthesis typically includes a braided tubular body and is typically provided with a ...

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Apparatus for capturing and printing images on a receiver sheet includes a camera for electronically storing an image of a subject and having a display for displaying such stored image and including alignment structure and an ink jet printer, an ink jet print head including a plurality of colored in ...

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A lead integrity measurement system for a cardiac pacemaker/cardioverter/defibrillator (PCD) of the type comprising an implantable pulse generator (IPG) and a lead system including one or more pacing leads each having a proximal end coupled to a pacing terminal of the IPG and a distal end with at le ...

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A method computer aided dispatching. The present method includes providing a display 510 having a first display segment 530. The first display segment 530 includes a digitized representation of a selected area from a raster map, intelligent area data superimposed upon the selected area to provide in ...

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A dual-mode digital communication system for communicating an information signal during operation in frequency-modulated (FM) and multiple-access modes is disclosed herein. The digital communication system includes a dual-mode transmitter for transmitting the information signal using an FM communica ...