Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
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Trimethylindium with substantially no oxygen-containing impurities, either as byproduct or associated solvent, is synthesized according to the reaction:

Tim Strandell
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A new platform (sometimes referred to as a "caddy") for transporting a carpet cleaning machine includes a base for supporting the machine and a machine restraint mechanism for releasably coupling the machine and the platform to one another. The platform also has wheels (or an elongated roller-like w ...


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A system and method for scheduling the receipt of desired movies and other forms of data from a network which simultaneously distributes many sources of such data to many customers, as in a cable television system. Customer profiles are developed for the recipient describing how important certain ch ...

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A method and system for use on a quasi-public network, such as the Internet, to enable users of the network to conduct commercial transactions involving a payment of funds by one user to another user of the network. The method includes operating a computer system for sending and receiving messages f ...

Joseph Giovannoli: Computerized quotation system and method. Jeffrey Kaplan, May 26, 1998: US05758328 (798 worldwide citation)

A computerized system for forming a computer based communications network of network members inclusive of network buyers and or network vendors for processing requests for quotation for goods and services through at least one central processing unit including operating system software for controllin ...

Paul David Saxon: Method and apparatus for performing retroactive backups in a computer system. Digital Equipment Corporation, Ronald C Hudgens, May 26, 1998: US05758359 (674 worldwide citation)

A mechanism for performing retroactive backups in a computer system is presented. The retroactive backup mechanism employs a backup policy dictating that certain backups are to be performed at set times and for set backup levels, but subject to user-defined selection criteria so that the backups are ...

David C Yates, William D Fox: Electrosurgical clamping device with improved coagulation feedback. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Bernard Shay, May 26, 1998: US05755717 (652 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical hemostatic instrument is provided in which the coagulation status of tissue engaged by two elements delivering electrosurgical energy to tissue may be observed. A preferred embodiment of the invention provides a bipolar endoscopic clamping, coagulation and cutting device. The end ...

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An optical device for reading one- and two-dimensional symbologies at variable depths of field. The device has a light source for projecting emitted light toward the symbol image to be reflected back to an optical assembly, or zoom lens. The zoom gives multiple field of view capability to a CCD dete ...

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A method and apparatus applies radiant energy through the skin to underlying collagen tissue without substantially modifying melanocytes and other epithelial cells in the epidermis. A porous membrane is adapted to receive an electrolytic solution and become inflated to substantially conform a contac ...