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A surgical instrument with articulated jaw structure includes a frame and two jaws. The jaws have proximal portions that are mounted to each other for movement in a substantially parallel relation between a fully open position wherein the jaws are separated for receiving tissue therebetween and an a ...

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A method and apparatus for storing on centralized mass storage devices archival data from multiple computers in a networked environment. In a networked computer system having a communication network interconnecting one or more computers and a storage unit, parallel processes are created to perform r ...

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An interactive television system has a centrally located head end server coupled to service multiple, remotely located set-top boxes. Each set-top box runs an electronic programming guide that provides an on-screen program grid listing program titles in relation to their scheduled viewing times and ...

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A stent delivery assembly and method for stent placement in an ostial lesion. In particular, the stent delivery system of the invention comprises a break segment which changes configuration to facilitate localization of the target ostium.

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There is described a memory cell having a vertically oriented polysilicon pillar diode for use in delivering large current flow through a variable resistance material memory element. The pillar diode comprises a plurality of polysilicon layers disposed in a vertical stack between a wordline and digi ...

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A system and method for identifying and displaying medical data items which violate programmable alarm conditions are provided. The system of the present invention automatically alerts the medical practitioner if changes or deviations in parametric and physiologic medical data items violate programm ...

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A thin hermetically sealed electrical feedthrough suitable for implantation within living tissue permits electrical connection between electronic circuits sealed within an hermetically sealed case and electrical terminals or contacts on the outside of the case. The hermetically sealed case is made b ...

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A surgical access device and method are provided for endoscopic surgeries comprising biopsies or other surgical cutting procedures. The device generally comprises a substantially rigid first channel associated with a first port and a second channel associated with a second port of a proximal housing ...

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The invention comprises an instrument which is placed in relation to the designated object and which is capable of sending information about the object to a computer. Image processing methods are used to generated images of the object and determine positional information about it. This information c ...