Meyers Mark Marshall: Compact digital camera with segmented fields of view. Eastman Kodak Co, May 6, 1998: EP0840502-A2 (153 worldwide citation)

A compact digital camera is formed with a lenslet array comprised of a plurality of lenslets, each lenslet has a decentration corresponding to its radial position in the lenslet array so that the axial ray of each lenslet views a different segment of a total field of view. A photosensor array compri ...

Gottloeber Helmut Dipl Ing: Base station for a mobile radio system. Siemens, May 6, 1998: EP0840464-A1 (119 worldwide citation)

The base station (BS) includes a communications connection (KA) to a network and a power supply connection (SA). The base station is integrated into a casing (G) of a lighting arrangement, together with a light emitter (L) and an external power supply (SV). The power supply connection of the base st ...

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Digital watermarking of data, including image, video and audio data, is performed by repeatedly inserting the watermark into subregions or subimages of the data. Similarly, the watermark is repeatedly extracted from the subregions of the data.

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The invention comprises a method for generating an infectious clone based on the genome of a positive strand RNA virus which has a genome of at least about 15 kb. The invention further comprises a method for generating an infectious clone based on the genome of an RNA virus, said method further comp ...

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A radio telephone (1) in accordance with the invention comprises at least a power supply (65), radio part (4), antenna (5) of the radio part, and a user interface having at least one microphone (9, 14), at least one earpiece (8, 13), means (6) for making a call and means (15) for answering a call. T ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for calibrating a sensor for determination of analyte concentration. The meter includes a sensor for receiving a user sample to be measured and a processor for performing a predefined test sequence for measuring a predefined parameter value. A memory can be couple ...

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A system for permitting only an authentic user to play a desired application contained in a distributed application package in one of predetermined operation, e.g., free play mode, charged mode, limit-attached play mode, etc. The system comprises a client for playing an application under the control ...

Chauvel Gerard: Window processing in an on screen display system. Texas Instruments, May 6, 1998: EP0840277-A2 (62 worldwide citation)

An On Screen Display (OSD) system for a digital television set-top box is provided. The OSD can simultaneously display different kinds of pictures, (e.g., a bit-map, a graphic, a still video picture, a motion video picture or a background color). Each picture is in a different window that is managed ...

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A system is provided to multiplex graphic and Motion video pictures for digital TV set-top box. The motion picture is generated by an MPEG Video decoder and the graphic windows are generated by an OSD Co-Processor. Each graphic window is characterized by a set of attributes that define the display m ...

Chauvel Gerard, Benbassat Gerard, Chae Brian: Window processing in an on screen display system. Texas Instruments, May 6, 1998: EP0840276-A2 (60 worldwide citation)

A system is described that allows simultaneous display on a display screen of bit-map, graphic, still video picture, motion video picture or background. A frame memory containing the page to be displayed is located in an the SDRAM. A display controller reads the frame memory block by block and trans ...