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To aid a medical practitioner in positioning a surgical instrument or implant when performing surgery on or examining portions of a patient, patient data is developed which identifies the position and orientation of the portion to which surgical procedures or examinations are to be applied. The posi ...

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A system and method for assisting a consumer in selecting items from a master list of available items, when the consumer has already sampled some of the available items, and indicated a favorable response to a subset of the sampled items by including the names of the favored items on an input list. ...

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An apparatus and method is disclosed for obtaining and measuring constituents in a sample of body fluid. The apparatus includes a member which is sized to penetrate into at least the dermal layer of skin to collect a sample of body fluid located within the dermal layer.

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A digital signal is imperceptibly embedded into an input source signal, such as an image or video signal, to produce an encoded (sometimes termed "watermarked") signal. The principle of quasi-rotational symmetry is employed to facilitate detection of the embedded signal notwithstanding rotation of t ...

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An electronic wallet is disclosed which provides multiple data media interfaces. Standard interfaces will include a smart card reader/writer, a magnetic reader/writer, a radio frequency transceiver and a user interface. A generic card is insertable into an electronic wallet to provide magnetic or sm ...

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A two-way medical telemetry system is provided for displaying and monitoring, at a central location, physiologic and other patient data of multiple, remotely-located patients. The system comprises multiple battery-powered remote telemeters, each of which is worn by a respective patient, and a centra ...

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A wireless remote telemetry system which uses low-cost remote communication devices operating on existing wireless communication systems in order to provide real-time reading and control of remote devices. In an embodiment applicable to utility service, consumption of electrical power among a popula ...

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A multimodal natural language interface interprets user requests combining natural language input from the user with information selected from a current application and sends the request in the proper form to an appropriate auxiliary application for processing. The multimodal natural language interf ...

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A multi-chip module is provided which utilizes benzocyclobutene as a laminate adhesive for bonding the upper dielectric films in a high density interconnect structure. The benzocyclobutene thermosetting polymer is spin coated on a polyimide film, and baked at low temperature to remove any solvent to ...