Ravi Laxman
Ravi Kumar Laxman, Arthur Kenneth Hochberg: Low temperature deposition of silicon dioxide using organosilanes. Air Products and Chemicals, Geoffrey L Chase, April 28, 1998: US05744196 (25 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a process for very low temperature chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide, comprising the steps of

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Ernst A Munter: High capacity ATM switch. Northern Telecom, Yoshiharu Toyooka, April 28, 1998: US05745486 (29 worldwide citation)

An ATM switch architecture expandable to multi-terabits/s uses data transfer in a heterogeneous burst of a constant length. It employs rotators connecting stages in a three-stage switch configuration. In one embodiment, the cells are sorted at ingress and a matching process is performed between the ...

Johannes F M Cillessen, Paulus W M Blom, Ronald M Wolf, Jacobus B Giesbers: Semiconductor device having a transparent switching element. U S Philips Corporation, Steven R Biren, April 28, 1998: US05744864 (2695 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device includes a transparent switching element (1) with two connection electrodes (2, 3) of a transparent material and an interposed transparent channel region (4) of a semiconductor material provided with a transparent gate electrode (5) of a conductive material, separated from the ...

James M Lepper Jr, Mohamed Kheir Diab: Blood glucose monitoring system. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 28, 1998: US05743262 (894 worldwide citation)

A blood glucose monitoring system includes a broadband light source and a specially fabricated optical filter for modulating optical radiation to be transmitted through a fleshy medium. Optical radiation which passes through the fleshy medium is detected by an optical detector which generates an ele ...

Stephen P A Fodor, Lubert Stryer, J Leighton Read, Michael C Pirrung: Arrays of materials attached to a substrate. Affymetrix, Vern Norviel, Nancy J DeSantis, Joseph Liebeschuetz, April 28, 1998: US05744305 (862 worldwide citation)

A synthetic strategy for the creation of large scale chemical diversity. Solid-phase chemistry, photolabile protecting groups, and photolithography are used to achieve light-directed spatially-addressable parallel chemical synthesis. Binary masking techniques are utilized in one embodiment. A reacto ...

Christopher Scott Jones, Phillip R Sommer, Charles L Nelson: Hand actuable surgical handpiece. Stryker Corporation, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis P C, April 28, 1998: US05743456 (687 worldwide citation)

An inventive surgical handpiece comprises a handle unit and structure carried by the handle unit for engaging a patient. A hand actuable element is mounted for rotation on the handle unit, about first and second mutually transverse axes. A first mechanism is responsive to rotation of the hand actuab ...

Suthirug Num Pisutha Arnond: Intuitive gesture-based graphical user interface. Motorola, Sylvia Chen, Rolland R Hackbart, April 28, 1998: US05745116 (423 worldwide citation)

A user performs a manual selection or a gesture selection of a screen object (210, 220, 230) on a screen (150) of an electronic device (100) using a pointing device (190). After a manual selection, such as a single tap, the electronic device (100) automatically presents a temporary directional palet ...

Fredrick E Levine, Bruce A Carter: Stateless shopping cart for the web. Sun Microsystems, William J Kubida, Homer L Holland & Hart Knearl, April 28, 1998: US05745681 (409 worldwide citation)

A shopping cart metaphor is emulated on a network of server and client computing systems. A browser at the client station has a request module to send a shopping page request to the server. A shopping page module in the server sends a shopping page file to the browser in response to the shopping pag ...

Scott A Moskowitz, Marc Cooperman: Method for stega-cipher protection of computer code. The Dice Company, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 28, 1998: US05745569 (371 worldwide citation)

A method for protecting computer code copyrights by encoding the code into a data resource with a digital watermark. The digital watermark contains licensing information interwoven with essential code resources encoded into data resources. The result is that while an application program can be copie ...

Robert M Wyman: Method and system for managing execution of licensed programs. Digital Equipment Corporation, Anne E Saturnelli, Arthur W Fisher, April 28, 1998: US05745879 (342 worldwide citation)

A distributed computer system employs a license management system to account for software product usage. A management policy having a variety of alternative styles and contexts is provided. Each licensed program upon start-up makes a call to a license server to check on whether usage is permitted, a ...