David C Yates, Jesse J Kuhns, Steven H Mersch: Electrosurgical stapling device. Ethicon, April 7, 1998: US05735848 (882 worldwide citation)

An surgical stapling instrument is provided which uses a thermogenic energy preferably bipolar radiofrequency energy for cauterization and/or welding tissue. The instrument compresses tissue between one pole of a bipolar energy sources contained on a first interfacing surface and a second pole of a ...

Darrell R Anderson, Nabil Hanna, John E Leonard, Roland A Newman, Mitchell E Reff, William H Rastetter: Therapeutic application of chimeric and radiolabeled antibodies to human B lymphocyte restricted differentiation antigen for treatment of B cell lymphoma. Idec Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, April 7, 1998: US05736137 (377 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are therapeutic treatment protocols designed for the treatment of B cell lymphoma. These protocols are based upon therapeutic strategies which include the use of administration of immunologically active mouse/human chimeric anti-CD20 antibodies, radiolabeled anti-CD20 antibodies, an ...

Francisco Jose Barreras Sr, Robert Echarri: Closed-loop, RF-coupled implanted medical device. Exonix Corporation, Thomas R Vigil, April 7, 1998: US05735887 (369 worldwide citation)

The implantable, electrically operated medical device system comprises an implantable radio frequency (RF) receiver and an external RF transmitter. The receiver has a receiving antenna and electronic circuitry coupled to the receiving antenna and includes a microcontroller having an output, a non-vo ...

Claude A Vidal, Alan K Plyley: Surgical stapler. United States Surgical Corporation, April 7, 1998: US05735445 (363 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler having a supporting frame, replaceable staple cartridge, an anvil, a mechanism for approximating the cartridge relative to the anvil, and a mechanism for firing the device so as to crimp the staples against the anvil in a manner to enable the surgeon to substantially simultaneousl ...

Jonathan Edelson, Christian Mayaud: Prescription creation system. Advanced Health Med E Systems, Handal & Morofsky, April 7, 1998: US05737539 (351 worldwide citation)

An electronic prescription creation system for use by professional prescribers at the point of care has a prescription division subsystem permitting creation of a single prescription to be automatically divided into two components for fulfilment of one portion quickly and locally at higher cost and ...

David Hugh Judson: World wide web browsing with content delivery over an idle connection and interstitial content display. April 7, 1998: US05737619 (349 worldwide citation)

A computer program product and method of browsing the World Wide Web of the Internet using a client machine (e.g., a personal computer) supporting a graphical user interface and an Internet browser. The method locally stores, retrieves and outputs information objects to reduce the waiting time norma ...

Natan Vishlitzky, Robert Wilson, Percy Tzelnic: Prefetching to service multiple video streams from an integrated cached disk array. EMC Corporation, Arnold White & Durkee, April 7, 1998: US05737747 (349 worldwide citation)

A video file server includes an integrated cached disk array storage subsystem and a plurality of stream server computers linking the cached disk storage subsystem to the data network for the transfer of video data streams. The video file server further includes a controller server for applying an a ...

Wesley D Sterman, Lawrence C Siegel, Patricia E Curtis, John H Stevens, Timothy R MacHold: Methods and systems for performing thoracoscopic coronary bypass and other procedures. Heartport, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, April 7, 1998: US05735290 (342 worldwide citation)

A method for closed-chest cardiac surgical intervention relies on viewing the cardiac region through a thoracoscope or other viewing scope and endovascularly partitioning the patient's arterial system at a location within the ascending aorta. The cardiopulmonary bypass and cardioplegia can be induce ...

Andrew W Buirge: Intravascular stent pump. SciMed Life Systems, Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus, April 7, 1998: US05735897 (338 worldwide citation)

A multi-layer vascular therapeutic-containing prosthesis designed and arranged to "pump" the therapeutics into the blood stream.

Thomas R Olson, Jeffrey N Parks, Paul S VanLente: Vehicle compass system with automatic calibration. Prince Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, April 7, 1998: US05737226 (327 worldwide citation)

An electrical system providing automatic calibration of a vehicle compass for abrupt and significant changes in vehicle magnetism. The system includes a magnetic field sensor providing signal information representing the magnetic field sensed within the vehicle. Coupled to the sensor is an electrica ...

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