James Doherty
Clifton John Blankley, Diane Harris Boschelli, Annette Marian Doherty, James Marino Hamby, Sylvester Klutchko, Robert Lee Panek: Pyrido�2, 3-d!pyrimidines for inhibiting protein tyrosine kinase mediated cellular proliferation. Warner Lambert Company, Charles W Ashbrook, March 31, 1998: US05733914 (48 worldwide citation)

6-Aryl pyrido�2,3-d!pyrimidine 7-imines, 7-ones, and 7-thiones are inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinases, and are thus useful in treating cellular proliferation mediated thereby. The compounds are especially useful in treating cancer, atherosclerosis, restenosis, and psoriasis.

James Doherty
Clifton John Blankley, Annette Marian Doherty, James Marino Hamby, Robert Lee Panek, Mel Conrad Schroeder, Howard Daniel Hollis Showalter, Cleo Connolly: 6-Aryl pyrido�2,3-d! pyrimidines and naphthyridines for inhibiting protein tyrosine kinase mediated cellular proliferation. Charles W Ashbrook, March 31, 1998: US05733913 (64 worldwide citation)

6-Aryl pyrido�2,3-d!pyrimidines and naphthyridines are inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinase, and are thus useful in treating cellular proliferation mediated thereby. The compounds are especially useful in treating atherosclerosis, restenosis, psoriasis, as well as bacterial infections.

Marc Lanoiselee
Gegout Anne France, Lanoiselee Marc, Veillard Jacques: Digital burst signal demodulation method e.g. for tdma system. France Telecom, March 20, 1998: FR2753592-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The method involves adding supplementary digital symbols (3) to the start and end of a digital data burst. The digital data are then transformed (14) into the frequency domain. The data are then processed (5) to attenuate the effect of noise within a narrow band. An inverse transform (6) is then per ...

Fred Thomas
Arias Salvador Luis, Comer Edward Irby, Dunn Roy Curtis, Frerking Melvin Duane, Danner Fred Thomas Iii, Bergen Richard Sammis Jr, Elliott Sidney Walker, Evans Thomas Franklin, Chambers Craig Brent: Asymmetric data communications system. Bellsouth, March 18, 1998: EP0829167-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

An asymmetrical data communications system (ADCS) provides point-to-multipoint television programming including conventional television programming, near video-on-demand (NVoD) or video-on-demand (VoD), and the full variety of available programming, via a compressed, digitized UHF transmission. A pr ...

Andreas G Weichert
Heinz Werner Kleemann, Joachim Brendel, Jan Robert Schwark, Andreas Weichert, Hans Jochen Lang, Udo Albus, Wolfgang Scholz: Substituted benzenedicarboxylic acid diguanides, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament containing them. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, March 24, 1998: US05731350

Benzenedicarboxylic acid diguanides of the formula I ##STR1## in which R(1) to R(5) have the meanings given in the claims, are useful antiarrhythmic pharmaceuticals having a cardioprotective component, even for the prevention of ischemically induced damage, in particular in the induction of ischemic ...

Magerl Walter, Treede Rolf Detlef: Device for inducing non-tissue damaging stimuli in order to test a mechanically induced sensation of pain in a test person. Univ Mainz Johannes Gutenberg, March 31, 1998: EP1646315-A1

The instrument to induce a stimulation which does not damage tissue, to test the mechanically induced pain sensitivity in a test subject, has a grip (1) with a needle (14) with a flattened tip (15). The needle is exchangeable at a plunger (7) in the grip, where the plunger gives the moving mass to s ...

Kato Kenji, Monno Akiko, Matsuda Naoki: Method for measuring dew point and apparatus for measuring dew point utilizing slab optical waveguide. Agency Of Ind Science &Amp Technol, March 31, 1998: JP1998-082738

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enhance detection sensitivity of dew point by projecting light into an optical waveguide core layer to cause multiple reflection and measuring optical scattering characteristics caused by a dew adhering to the surface of the optical waveguide core layer. SOLUTION: The dew po ...

Kurosawa Kenichi, Tanaka Shigeya, Nakatsuka Yasuhiro, Bando Tadaaki: Parallel processor. Hitachi, March 31, 1998: JP1998-083301

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To give compatibility between parallel processing and sequential processing and improve processing capability by invalidating the contents of an instruction register by a decoder by decoding an instruction. SOLUTION: A control means which executes only one instruction following ...

Yoshinaga Ryoichi, Kawashima Masahito, Fukushima Masamiki: Guide system for bridal information such as wedding hall. J Plan, March 31, 1998: JP1998-083418

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To efficiently acquire information on a wedding hall and other wedding information without being restricted by an area and time by transmitting a screen indicating information on a wedding and a bridal to an access source via an internet. SOLUTION: A site 14 is constructed by a ...

Inata Junichi, Takagi Yoshiaki, Hasegawa Eiichi: Lipstick and foundation. Nisshin Oil Mills The, Japan Energy, March 31, 1998: JP1998-081613

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prepare a lipstick and a foundation, hardly irritating skin even at a low viscosity, excellent in touch at the time of use and good in quality by formulating a specific amount of a specified dicarboxylic acid diester therein. SOLUTION: The lipstick and foundation are prepare ...