James Doherty
Clifton John Blankley, Annette Marian Doherty, James Marino Hamby, Robert Lee Panek, Mel Conrad Schroeder, Howard Daniel Hollis Showalter, Cleo Connolly: 6-Aryl pyrido�2,3-d! pyrimidines and naphthyridines for inhibiting protein tyrosine kinase mediated cellular proliferation. Charles W Ashbrook, March 31, 1998: US05733913 (64 worldwide citation)

6-Aryl pyrido�2,3-d!pyrimidines and naphthyridines are inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinase, and are thus useful in treating cellular proliferation mediated thereby. The compounds are especially useful in treating atherosclerosis, restenosis, psoriasis, as well as bacterial infections.

James Doherty
Clifton John Blankley, Diane Harris Boschelli, Annette Marian Doherty, James Marino Hamby, Sylvester Klutchko, Robert Lee Panek: Pyrido�2, 3-d!pyrimidines for inhibiting protein tyrosine kinase mediated cellular proliferation. Warner Lambert Company, Charles W Ashbrook, March 31, 1998: US05733914 (48 worldwide citation)

6-Aryl pyrido�2,3-d!pyrimidine 7-imines, 7-ones, and 7-thiones are inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinases, and are thus useful in treating cellular proliferation mediated thereby. The compounds are especially useful in treating cancer, atherosclerosis, restenosis, and psoriasis.

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A stapler for stapling a tubular structure to another structure. The stapler has an anvil which is expandable from a collapsed position to an expanded position. The stapler has a recess which receives at least a portion of the tubular structure and a shoulder which receives an everted end of the tub ...

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An improved surgical instrument is provided for applying surgical fasteners, such as staples, to human tissue which is particularly suited for applying one or more rows of fasteners across a tissue lumen. The surgical instrument can be used in thoracic and abdominal surgical procedures where access ...

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A viewer interface for a television program delivery system is described. The innovation relates to methods and devices for viewer pathways to television programs. Specifically, the interface involves hardware and software used in conjunction with a television at the viewer home to create a user fri ...

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Methods, recombinant host cells and kits are disclosed for the production of members of specific binding pairs (sbp), e.g. antibodies, using display on the surface of secreted replicable genetic display packages (rgdps), e.g. filamentous phage. To produce a library of great diversity, recombination ...

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A method and apparatus for controlling and providing force feedback using an interface device manipulated by a user. A microprocessor is provided local to the interface device and reads sensor data from sensors that describes the position and/or other information about a user object moved by the use ...

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Methods are provided for inhibiting stenosis following vascular trauma or disease in a mammalian host, comprising administering to the host a therapeutically effective dosage of a therapeutic conjugate containing a vascular smooth muscle binding protein that associates in a specific manner with a ce ...

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A digital data on-demand turnkey system at a customer premise wherein N number of sewers provide for 100% of content distribution of remotely stored digitized information, which information may be previewed in real-time, and product incorporating selected digitized information can be manufactured on ...

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In an advanced intelligent network based information distribution system including a central office switching system connected to communication lines including at least one service switching point for selectively providing switched communications between the communication lines, a network controller ...