Baudart Thierry, Bourdoncle Bernard, Laloux Thierry, Pedrono Claude, Rossier Claire: Jeu de lentilles ophtalmiques multifocales progressives. Essilor Int, March 27, 1998: FR2753805-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a set of progressive multifocal ophthalmic lenses, each having a first progressive multifocal surface and a second surface preferably spherical. It proposes to define the set of lenses with regard to the optical characteristics of the lenses, and particularly wearer power and ...

Aneas Antoine: Dispositif de connexion, en particulier entre un recipient avec bouchon perforable et une seringue. Biodome, March 27, 1998: FR2753624-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a connecting device (1) between a first receptacle (2), and a second receptacle (4) comprising a muff joint (4a), said device comprising means (5) for perforating a stopper, including a faucet (6) and a filtering chamber (7) isolated from outside by a filter (8), two independe ...

Bensaadi Mehdi, Desaulty Michel Andre Albert, Pitrou Sebastien Pierre Jean, Schroer Pierre Marie Victor Em: Aerodynamic fuel-air mixture injection device. Snecma, March 27, 1998: FR2753779-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

A system for aerodynamic injection of a fuel/air mixture into the combustion chamber (2) of a gas turbine engine (1) consists of a twin-flow fuel injector (43) to feed a primary fuel flow (51) delivered by a primary circuit which operates in all engine modes and a secondary fuel flow (53) delivered ...

Referee assistance method for football games. Viennot Emmanuel Francois Andr, March 27, 1998: FR2753633-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The method involves continually and remotely monitoring the positions of the players and the ball to the nearest centimetre using a refresh rate of less than 10ms. The position signals are transmitted to a computer (5) and to the referee and are used to determine the positions of the players from bo ...

Thevenot Benoit, Billebaud Pascal, Bitschnau Thierry: Integrated circuit with dual connection modes. Solaic, March 27, 1998: FR2753819-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The integrated circuit offers two modes of connection and includes a contactless connection element consisting of an aerial (1) carried by a support sheet (2) and a module (3). A support film (4) is equipped with conductive regions (5) connected to an integrated circuit (6) by wires (7) to provide a ...

Gueret Jean Louis: Brush for application of a cosmetic product and a make-up device with such a brush. Oreal, March 27, 1998: FR2753614-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

An applicator brush consists of a straight shaft and a bristle head (225) with a flexible wire core (122). The bristles are attached radially to the core, which is curved in shape, and at least part of the bristle head has a cross-section which is elongated in shape, with its longer axis lying perpe ...

Preuilh Isabelle, Willcox Nathalie: Topical oil-in-water fluid emulsions having a high content of glycol. Cird Galderma, March 27, 1998: FR2753626-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Fluid oil-in-water emulsions for topical application contain (a) a glycol (I) at 30-50 wt.% (based on the total composition), (b) a suitable emulsifying system and (c) at least one active agent (A).

Bacher Michel, Minereau Hugues, Thirion de Briel Jacques, Graton Michel, Dalbiez Andre, Blard Michel: Friction clutch, exp for motor vehicle. Valeo, March 27, 1998: FR2753758-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

A clutch consists of a friction assembly (2), a cover (8) with a base (80) for fixing it to a flywheel (1), a pressure plate (3), engagement and disengagement mechanisms, and a friction plate wear take-up mechanism (90). The clutch disengament mechanism has flexible elements (4, 6) to assist disenga ...

Procede et systeme de communication interactive entre deux appareils telephoniques via le reseau internet. Tebeka Henri, March 27, 1998: FR2753862-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a method and a system for interactive communication between at least two users each provided with a telephone set of the switched telephone network, via the Internet. Each telephone set is directly locally connected to an associated interface device. The first user, who initia ...

Rapid anchoring system for rapid fixing of roller shutter onto buildings etc.. Cavaioli Jean Marc, March 27, 1998: FR2753742-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The system comprises a winding drum (2) for a shutter (3). The two ends of the drum have circular disc cams (13). Each disc has a groove (12) into which is inserted an anchoring point (11) fixed to a first slat (10) at the top of the shutter. The cam groove has a locking section which ensures lockin ...