Mohamed SKIBA Mohamed SKIBA
Mohamed Skiba, Denis Wouessidjewe, Antony Coleman, Hatem Fessi, Jean Philippe Devissaguet, Dominique Duchene, Francis Puisieux: Preparation and use of novel cyclodextrin-based dispersible colloidal systems in the form of nanospheres. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Young & Thompson, February 17, 1998: US05718905 (9 worldwide citation)

A nanoparticulate system prepared by: 1) preparing a liquid phase essentially consisting of a solution of cyclodextrin modified by acyl groups in an organic solvent or solvent mixture, an active molecule being optionally added thereto; 2) preparing a second liquid phase essentially consisting of wat ...

Andreas G Weichert
Heinz Werner Kleemann, Hans Jochen Lang, Jan Robert Schwark, Andreas Weichert, Wolfgang Scholz, Udo Albus: Substituted benzoylguanidines, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament containing them. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, February 17, 1998: US05719169 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to benzoylguanidines of the formula I: ##STR1## to pharmaceutically acceptable salts of these compounds and to a process for preparing compounds of the formula I, which comprise reacting a compound of the formula II ##STR2## with guanidine. The compounds of the invention are su ...

Dunn Paul, Rowe Andrew: Substrat produisant des images tridimensionnelles, Substrate producing three-dimensional images. Fryco, Fryco, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, February 28, 1998: CA2263405

A substrate is arranged to present a three-dimensional optical image to a viewer, the substrate being formed with a plurality of stereo pairs of grooves or ridges, each such pair of elements providing the viewer with an image of a point at a predetermined distance from the plane of the substrate: th ...

Yeo Jong Hyun: Duty adjustment circuit of horizontal output. Samsung Electronics, February 28, 1998: KR1019950016436

PURPOSE: A duty adjustment circuit is provided to enhance a sensing capability with respect to a current change according to a load variation and positively prevent a loss of a transistor in the circuit by adjusting a turn-on time of a transistor. CONSTITUTION: A duty adjustment signal is applied to ...

Kim Yong Hee: Display device having self-diagnosis function and self-diagnosis method using the same. Samsung Electronics, February 28, 1998: KR1019940027039

PURPOSE: A display device having self-diagnosis function and a self-diagnosis method using the same are provided to self-diagnose the input of image signals from outside and display various images under disconnected to a computer system. CONSTITUTION: A display device having self-diagnosis function ...

Shin Jong Seob: Apparatus for displaying diagnosis of vacuum pump of automobile. Hyundai Motor Company, February 28, 1998: KR1019930028771

PURPOSE: An apparatus for displaying diagnosis of vacuum pump of automobile is provided to warn outside person of dangerous by lighting front and rear lamps and dashboard of a vehicle by using a pressure detecting sensor attached in a vacuum pump, if the vacuum pump is not operated in response to op ...

Song Hyo Sun: Fragrant fog screen device for projection. Todal, February 28, 1998: KR1019930027788

PURPOSE: A fragrant fog screen device for projection is provided to be easily mounted and moved everywhere without noise and damage of the screen. CONSTITUTION: A fragrant fog screen device for projection comprises an injection unit(20), a suction unit(30) and an LCD projector(40). The injection uni ...

Ishida Katsuhiro, Ueda Toshio, Tajima Masaya, Otobe Yukio, Yoshida Masahiro, Otaka Nobuaki: Dispositif de traitement dimage, circuit integre, panneau daffichage et procede, pour afficher une image en demi-teintes. Fujitsu, February 27, 1998: FR2752633-A1

Un dispositif de traitement d'image comporte un multiplieur (3) et une unité de distribution d'erreur (4) qui met en oeuvre une opération de distribution d'erreur afin d'augmenter artificiellement le nombre de nuances à afficher sur un affichage. Le multiplieur (3) multiplie un signal d'entrée (D1) ...