Mohamed SKIBA Mohamed SKIBA
Mohamed Skiba, Denis Wouessidjewe, Antony Coleman, Hatem Fessi, Jean Philippe Devissaguet, Dominique Duchene, Francis Puisieux: Preparation and use of novel cyclodextrin-based dispersible colloidal systems in the form of nanospheres. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Young & Thompson, February 17, 1998: US05718905 (9 worldwide citation)

A nanoparticulate system prepared by: 1) preparing a liquid phase essentially consisting of a solution of cyclodextrin modified by acyl groups in an organic solvent or solvent mixture, an active molecule being optionally added thereto; 2) preparing a second liquid phase essentially consisting of wat ...

Andreas G Weichert
Heinz Werner Kleemann, Hans Jochen Lang, Jan Robert Schwark, Andreas Weichert, Wolfgang Scholz, Udo Albus: Substituted benzoylguanidines, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament containing them. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, February 17, 1998: US05719169 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to benzoylguanidines of the formula I: ##STR1## to pharmaceutically acceptable salts of these compounds and to a process for preparing compounds of the formula I, which comprise reacting a compound of the formula II ##STR2## with guanidine. The compounds of the invention are su ...

David T Green, Jonathan Wilson, Patrick Flanagan: Surgical apparatus and detachable anvil rod therefor. United States Surgical Corporation, February 17, 1998: US05718360 (445 worldwide citation)

A detachable anvil rod for use with an apparatus for circular fastening of hollow organs is provided. An elongated rod member has a proximal end portion, a distal end portion and an irregular surface portion intermediate the proximal and distal end portions. The irregular surface portion includes a ...

Mitchell J Palmer, Richard C McClure: Surgical stapler with lockout mechanism. United States of America Surgical Corporation, February 17, 1998: US05718359 (436 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for applying surgical fasteners is disclosed which includes a first lockout mechanism configured to prevent premature ejection of fasteners during shipment, and a second lockout mechanism to prevent reactuation of the apparatus after it has once been actuated.

Shlomo Ben Haim, Susan J Zachman: Apparatus and method for treating cardiac arrhythmias with no discrete target. Biosense, William H Dippert, Cowan Liebowitz & Latman P C, February 17, 1998: US05718241 (422 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for treating cardiac arrhythmias with no discrete focus. More particularly, one or more catheters are used to collect local information concerning a patient's heart, the information is analyzed to determine where lines or points of ablation should be made, and then the lines o ...

Tetsuya Inui, Hirotsugu Matoba, Susumu Hirata, Yorishige Ishii, Shingo Abe, Masaharu Kimura, Hajime Horinaka, Hiroshi Onda: Diaphragm type ink jet head having a high degree of integration and a high ink discharge efficiency. Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, February 17, 1998: US05719604 (354 worldwide citation)

A pressure generating member applies a pressure to an ink, the member having a symmetric configuration and including a buckling body. The buckling body may include a radially extending ribbed portion on its upper surface and no buckling layer beneath it. A heater layer is interposed between insulati ...

David W Osten, Hatim M Carim, Michael R Arneson, Bradford L Blan: Biometric, personal authentication system. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, John H Hornickel, February 17, 1998: US05719950 (321 worldwide citation)

A personal, biometric authentication system is disclosed. The system can be used for controlling access to equipment or physical facilities. The system employs the combination of a unique, inherently specific biometric parameter recognized and compared with stored data and at least one non-specific ...

David L Nelson, Premkumar Uppaluru, Pasquale Romano, Jeffrey L Kleiman: Digital media data stream network management system. Novell, Snell & Wilmer, February 17, 1998: US05719786 (303 worldwide citation)

A computer-based media data processor for controlling transmission of digitized media data in a packet switching network. When the processor receives a request from a network client node for presentation of specified media data stream presentation unit sequences the processor in response retrieves m ...

Peter M Bonutti: Suture anchor. Tarolli Sundheim Covell Tummino & Szabo, February 17, 1998: US05718717 (280 worldwide citation)

A suture anchor is formed of a material which absorbs body liquid when exposed to body liquid. The anchor may be at least partially formed of a material having a strong affinity for body liquids. This enables the anchor to absorb body liquid and expand upon being inserted into a patient's body. At l ...

Ole Buchardt deceased, by Dorte Buchardt legal representative, Michael Egholm, Peter Eigil Nielsen, Rolf Henrik Berg: Peptide nucleic acids having amino acid side chains. Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, February 17, 1998: US05719262 (273 worldwide citation)

A novel class of compounds, known as peptide nucleic acids, bind complementary DNA and RNA strands more strongly than the corresponding DNA or RNA strands, and exhibit increased sequence specificity and solubility. The peptide nucleic acids comprise ligands selected from a group consisting of natura ...