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A network-based sales system includes at least one buyer computer for operation by a user desiring to buy a product, at least one merchant computer, and at least one payment computer. The buyer computer, the merchant computer, and the payment computer are interconnected by a computer network. The bu ...

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A system for controlling use and distribution of digital works. The present invention allows the owner of a digital work to attach usage rights to their work. The usage rights define how the individual digital work may be used and distributed. Instances of usage rights are defined using a flexible a ...

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A thread management system for implementation within a computer system having a database disposed to be accessed through queries provided by a system user is disclosed herein. In this environment the thread management system provides a mechanism for subsequent replication of a sequence of one or mor ...

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In exposing and projecting a mask onto a substrate using projection optics, a first grating is provided between the substrate and the projection optics and a second grating is provided between the projection optics and the mask so that the image of the mask pattern is formed near the substrate surfa ...

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An articulating surgical instrument which has an articulation transmission assembly for remotely articulating an end effector of the instrument is disclosed. The articulation transmission assembly includes a detent housing mounted on the instrument with a plurality of detent teeth. A compressible de ...

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An impedance feedback electrosurgical system is useful with electrosurgical tools to maintain a substantially constant level of current within the tissue in contact with the tool. The system comprises active and return electrodes associated with an electrosurgical tool, an impedance monitoring devic ...

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A method and system for securely indicating to a customer one or more credit card numbers that a merchant has on file for the customer when communicating with the customer over a non-secure network. The merchant sends a message to the customer that contains only a portion of each of the credit card ...

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A system for managing steel inventories in order to reduce the time and expense associated with selling prime and secondary steel that is no longer needed for the original intended application. The system permits sellers to post detailed specification of an item for sale and permits buyers to browse ...

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A stentless prosthesis is made completely from material, for example bovine pericardium, other than valve material. A projection of the valve sleeve allows reparatory operations on surrounding tissues.

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This invention concerns an apparatus and method for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. More particularly, this invention is directed to a method for ablating a portion of an organ or bodily structure of a patient, which comprises obtaining a perspective image of the organ or structure to be mappe ...