Sarah Reybuck Collier
Paul G Rasmussen, Sarah E Reybuck, Taeseok Jang, Richard G Lawton: Diaminomaleonitrile derivative compounds, polymers, and method of producing same. The Regents of the University of Michigan, Barnes Kisselle Raisch Choate Whittemore & Hulbert P C, January 27, 1998: US05712408 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a compound having conjugated double bonds in an acyclic structure formed by Schiff base reaction between an unsaturated aldehyde (RCHO) and diaminomaleonitrile (DE). The compound is a monoalkylated DAMN derivative having one unit of diaminomaleonitrile for every unit of alkyl ...


W Kenneth Ward, Eric S Wilgus: Device for monitoring changes in analyte concentration. Kolisch Hartwell Dickinson McCormack & Heuser, January 27, 1998: US05711861 (717 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an electrochemical sensor system for measuring analyte concentrations in a sample fluid. The invention is particularly useful for measuring analytes such as glucose in a patient. An implantable glucose sensor includes a disc-shaped body containing multiple anodes on opposing s ...

Graham W Bryan: Self contained gas powered surgical apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, January 27, 1998: US05711472 (657 worldwide citation)

A self contained gas powered endoscopic surgical apparatus is provided for placing lateral lines of surgical fasteners into body tissue. The apparatus includes a frame portion, an elongated portion extending from the frame portion, and an articulating fastener applying assembly associated with a dis ...

Edwin C Iliff: Computerized medical advice system and method including meta function. First Opinion Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 27, 1998: US05711297 (382 worldwide citation)

A system and method for providing computerized, knowledge-based medical diagnostic and treatment advice. The medical advice is provided to the general public over a telephone network. Two new authoring languages, interactive voice response and speech recognition are used to enable expert and general ...

Terry E Graber, Joshua Kopelman, Edwin Howell Watkeys III, Marvin I Weinberger: Method and apparatus for attaching navigational history information to universal resource locator links on a world wide web page. Infonautics Corporation, Reed Smith Shaw & McClay, January 27, 1998: US05712979 (372 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for tracking the navigation path of a user that has been directed to a second site on the WWW from a first site on the WWW. A URL is received at the second WWW site when the user is directed from the first site to the second site. At the second WWW site, information representa ...

Dennis D Elsberry, Mark T Rise, Scott R Ward: Method of treating movement disorders by brain infusion. Medtronic, Banner & Witcoff, January 27, 1998: US05711316 (335 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to techniques and apparatus for infusing drugs into the brain to treat movement disorders resulting in abnormal motor behavior. The invention employs an implantable pump and a catheter, the catheter having a proximal end coupled to the pump and a discharge portion f ...

Harold Pace II: Mobile location reporting apparatus and methods. Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich, January 27, 1998: US05712899 (319 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides for an apparatus which allows an operator of a mobile communications unit, configured to receive and process signals generated by a Global Positioning System (GPS) and transmit them to a base communications unit, to be in voice communication with an operator of the bas ...

John G Breeding: Method of playing a wagering game with built in probabilty variations. Shuffle Master, Craig J Lervick, January 27, 1998: US05711525 (311 worldwide citation)

A wagering card game is disclosed in which the player makes an initial bet to participate in a base game. Prior to the play of the game, the dealer will display at least one additional card from the deck. After viewing this card or cards, the player is given the opportunity to place an additional wa ...

James M Johnson, Douglas A Momyer: Just-in-time requisition and inventory management system. Fisher Scientific Company, Gene A Reed Smith Shaw & McClay Tabachnick, January 27, 1998: US05712989 (300 worldwide citation)

In accordance with the present invention, a requisition and inventory management system is provided which employs both a host computer and a local computer which can be linked to permit two-way data communications in a real time environment. Each computer has an associated database which can be acce ...

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