Kontos Stavros: Anchoring device for sealing percutaneous punctures in vessels. Cardiologics L L C, January 14, 1998: EP0818178-A2 (27 worldwide citation)

A device (10) for sealing a puncture in a tissue within a living body, comprises a flexible tube (14) including an opening (26), wherein the flexible tube (14) extends from a proximal end which, when the device (10) is in an operative position, is located outside the living body, to a distal end whi ...

Davis Richard Mallory: Composite, internal reinforced ceramic cores and related methods. Gen Electric, January 14, 1998: EP0818256-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

A method of improving structural stability of a ceramic core used in the casting of turbine components includes the steps of a) providing a die (30) having a predetermined geometry which gives the ceramic core a shape corresponding to interior spaces (34,36,38, 40,42,44) in the turbine component; b) ...

Kuroita Toshihiro, Kamimura Hideki, Kawakami Bunsei, Kawamura Yoshihisa: Method for isolating ribonucleic acid. Toyo Boseki, January 14, 1998: EP0818461-A2 (25 worldwide citation)

A method for isolating a ribonucleic acid, which comprises dissolution of a sample containing the ribonucleic acid, such as cells, in an acidic solution containing a lithium salt and a chaotropic agent, bringing the ribonucleic acid into contact with a nucleic acid-binding carrier such as silica par ...

Erlecke Jens, Pechar Juergen: Document shredder. Schleicher & Co Int, January 14, 1998: EP0818241-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

The document shredder has a cutting mechanism (12) driven by an electric motor (21), with a light beam switch (18,20) for the electric motor operated by the shredded material (15). The switch is coupled to a variable delay circuit (27) containing a phase detector (26), for operation of an electronic ...

Brouwer Mark, Kerr John: Programmable logic arrays. Plessey Semiconductors, January 14, 1998: EP0818891-A2 (25 worldwide citation)

A programming or function-setting cell for a field programmable gate array utilises ferroelectric capacitors connected to the nodes of a latch circuit to retain charge representing the state of the cell so that, following a power loss or a specific event upset, the programming information held by th ...

Doyle Peter John, Saferstein Lowell, Lorimer Elaine, Watt Paul W: Oxidized oligosaccharides. Johnson & Johnson Medical, January 14, 1998: GB2314840-A (25 worldwide citation)

The invention provides oligosaccharides having molecular weights in the range 1000 to 50,000 and obtained' by partial hydrolysis of oxidized polysaccharides such as oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC). The oligosaccharides are useful as or in wound dressings, and for binding peptides or proteins.

Villeneuve Bernard, Kim Hyung B: Wavelength monitoring and control assembly for wdm optical transmission systems. Northern Telecom, January 14, 1998: EP0818859-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

A compact wavelength monitoring and control assembly for a laser emission source is provided comprising a narrow bandpass, wavelength selective transmission filter element, of Fabry-Perot etalon structure, through which a non-collimated beam from the laser source is directed onto two closely spaced ...

Hirayama Satoshi, Halkier Torben: Alkaline lipolytic enzyme. Novonordisk, January 14, 1998: EP0817838-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

An alkaline lipolytic enzyme can be derived from fungal strains of Botryosphaeria or Guignardia, two closely related genera not previously reported to produce lipolytic enzyme. The novel lipolytic enzyme has optimum activity around pH 10, making it well suited for use in detergents. Advantageously, ...

Ishida Hisashi: Method of separating wafers into individual die. Nippon Electric Co, January 14, 1998: EP0818818-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

A method of separating a wafer into individual die is disclosed. The wafer includes a substrate with organic thin-film multiple layers. A portion of the organic multiple layers is etched along a scribe line with excimer laser to form a groove to expose a portion of the substrate before sawing the su ...

Fujita Masahiro, Kageyama Koji, Sakamoto Takyuki, Fukumura Naohiro: Robot apparatus. Sony, January 14, 1998: EP0818283-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

In order to realize a robot apparatus which can be applied to a configuration including two or more separate groups of arbitrary component units (3A-3D, 4A-4D, 5, 6) combined into a complete assembly, and thus facilitate the architecture of a new form, the apparatus includes first storage means (16) ...