Van Antwerp William P: Polyurethane/polyurea compositions containing silicone for biosensor membranes. Minimed, January 14, 1998: EP0817809-A1 (391 worldwide citation)

Biocompatible membranes for use with biosensors are provided. The membranes are polymers which can be prepared from (a) a diisocyanate, (b) a hydrophilic polymer, (c) a siloxane polymer having functional groups at the chain termini, and optionally, (d) a chain extender.

Schmidt Gunter Dr, Brandes Arndt Dr, Angerbauer Rolf Dr, Loegers Michael Dr, Mueller Gliemann Matthias Dr, Schmeck Carsten Dr, Bremm Klaus Dieter Dr, Bischoff Hilmar Dr, Schmidt Delf Dr, Schuhmacher Joachim Dr, Giera Henry Dr, Paulsen Holger Dr, Naab Paul Dr, Conrad Michael Dr, Stoltefuss Juergen: Cycloalkano-pyridine as cetp inhibitors. Bayer, January 14, 1998: EP0818448-A1 (95 worldwide citation)

Cycloalkano-pyridine compounds of formula (I) and their salts and N-oxides are new. A = 6-10C aryl (optionally up to penta-substituted by halo, NO2, OH, CF3, OCF3, 1-7C alkyl, 1-7C acyl, 1-7C hydroxyalkyl, 1-7C alkoxy or NR3R4); R3, R4 = H, phenyl or 1-6C alkyl; D = 6-10C aryl (optionally substitute ...

Metzger Georges, Reinehr Dieter, Luther Helmut: Triazine derivatives as uv filter in sunscreen products. Ciba-Geigy, January 14, 1998: EP0818450-A1 (91 worldwide citation)

Triazine compounds of formula (1) are new. R = halogen, 1-22C (alkoxy)alkyl, 1-22C (hydroxy)alkoxy, -NHR1, -N(R1)2 or group of formula (1a) ; X1-X3 = -CONHR1, -N(R2R3), -SO2R4, CN, -C(O)R5 or -C(O)OR6 ; R1 = H, 1-22C alkyl, 6-12C aryl (optionally substituted with at least one 1-4C alkyl), 7-10C aryl ...

Schmeck Carsten Dr, Mueller Gliemann Matthias Dr, Schmidt Gunther Dr, Brandes Arndt Dr, Angerbauer Rolf Dr, Loegers Michael Dr, Bremm Klaus Dieter Dr, Bischoff Hilmar Dr, Schmidt Delf Dr, Schuhmacher Joachim Dr: Heterocyclic condensed pyridines as cetp inhibitors. Bayer, January 14, 1998: EP0818197-A1 (86 worldwide citation)

Condensed pyridine derivatives of formula (I), and their salts and N-oxides, are new. A = 6-10C aryl (optionally mono- to penta-substituted by halo, OH, CF3, OCF3, NO2, 1-7C alkyl, acyl, hydroxyalkyl or alkoxy, or NR3R4; D = XR5or C(R6)(R7)R8; R5, R6 = 3-8C cycloalkyl, 6-10C aryl, or 5-7 membered he ...

Burgess Laurence E, Rizzi James P, Rawson David J: Cyclic sulphone derivatives as inhibitors of metalloproteinases and of the production of tumour necrosis factor. Pfizer, January 14, 1998: EP0818442-A2 (71 worldwide citation)

A compound of the formula wherein n, p, q, X, Y, Z and Ar are as defined herein, useful in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, tissue ulceration, restenosis, periodontal disease, epidermolysis bullosa, scleritis or other diseases characterized by matrix metalloprotenase activity, as well as AIDS, se ...

Kanno Kazuhiro: Software management system and method. Murakoshi Hiromasa, January 14, 1998: EP0818748-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

An operation management system for managing the operation of a managed software product. When a management target function is executed, reference is made to a battery value and, if the value is zero or greater, the function is allowed to be executed. The battery value is decremented as the function ...

Watt Paul William, Harvey Wilson, Lorimer Elaine, Wiseman David: Protein/oxidised regenerated cellulose complexes. Johnson & Johnson Medical, January 14, 1998: GB2314842-A (50 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed materials such as powders, films, flakes or sponges comprising a protein complexed with oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC). The preferred protein is collagen. Processes for the preparation of the complexes comprise dispersing or dissolving protein in aqueous solvent, adding solu ...

Gliesche Konrad, Rothe Horst Dr, Feltin Dirk: Multilayered fibrous preform having at least part of the reinforcement extending along the z axis and process for its manufacture. Inst Polymerforschung Dresden, January 14, 1998: EP0818289-A2 (44 worldwide citation)

A multiaxis, multilayer fibre preform for high stressed composite components has fibres aligned according to the principal stresses in not only the X and Y axes, but also the Z axis. Fibres in the X and Y directions are aligned according to stresses in these directions and built up and embroidered i ...

Bareket Noah: Overlay alignment measurement of semiconductor wafers. Kla Instr, January 14, 1998: EP0818814-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a new target, and associated apparatus and methods, for determining offset between adjacent layers of a semiconductor device. The target disclosed here includes a first periodic structure to be placed on a first layer of the device and a second periodic structure, that compl ...

Renshaw David Seager: Embedded html documents. Ibm, January 14, 1998: EP0818742-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to embedded HTML documents and to a method and system for rendering such documents to a visual display unit. The Internet does not currently support embedded documents. The current manner of viewing a plurality of HTML documents is to include a URL within one documents ...