Brian Goodall
Brian Leslie Goodall, Wilhelm Risse, Joice P Mathew: Addition polymers of polycycloolefins containing functional substituents. Thoburn T Dunlap, January 6, 1998: US05705503 (33 worldwide citation)

Addition polymers containing functionally substituted polycyclic repeat units are prepared in the presence of a single or multicomponent catalyst system containing a palladium metal ion source. The catalysts are not poisoned by functional substituents and show good catalytic activity for polymerizin ...


Thomas W Huitema, Anil K Nalagatla, Dale R Schulze: Articulation assembly for surgical instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Matthew S Goodwin, January 6, 1998: US05704534 (924 worldwide citation)

An articulating surgical instrument which has an articulation transmission assembly for remotely articulating an end effector of the instrument is disclosed. Ratcheting rotation of a compressible deck within a detent housing of the assembly from a first locked position to a second locked position ca ...

Jill Paula Foley, Karen Lynn Sielski: Internet-enabled portfolio manager system and method. Sun Microsystems, Douglas J Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert Crisman, January 6, 1998: US05706502 (552 worldwide citation)

A portfolio management system (PMS) is disclosed that allows users to manage, create, edit, debug and compile software portfolios that can include several different types of components, or projects. For example, projects can be Java applets, standalone executable programs, image files, Java class li ...

Robert Jeffrey Schloss: System and method for controlling access to data located on a content server. International Business Machines Corporation, Kevin M Jordan Esq, Whitham Curtis Whitham & McGinn, January 6, 1998: US05706507 (472 worldwide citation)

The content of free speech over distributed networks, such as the Internet, is often inappropriate for minors as well as offensive to some adults. The invention comprises an advisory server operated by, for example, a third party watchdog group, which rates the content of data downloaded from a cont ...

Christopher A Tacklind, Matthew H Sanders, Geoffrey B Walne: System for monitoring and reporting medical measurements. Enact Health Management Systems, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, January 6, 1998: US05704366 (467 worldwide citation)

A system for monitoring and reporting medical information includes a stand-alone monitor for storing data records comprising measured values and time stamps and for transmitting the records to a remote reporting unit over a communication system. The remote reporting unit includes a relational data b ...

Michael J Dietz II: Electronic second spin slot machine. Infinity Group, Guy W Chambers, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, January 6, 1998: US05704835 (462 worldwide citation)

An electronic slot machine (10) which allows a player to completely respin one or more of the symbols displayed after the first spin in order to create, improve or even lose a winning combination. In its preferred form, the electronic slot machine of the present invention features a video monitor (3 ...

Goro Iwasaki, Nobuyuki Aoshima, Kazushige Watanabe, Hiroshi Igarashi: Video game steering system causing translation, rotation and curvilinear motion on the object. Namco, Oliff & Berridge, January 6, 1998: US05704837 (404 worldwide citation)

A video game system for playing a game while controlling a movable game object. A player operates first and second steering units 12, 14 with his or her right and left hands to input first and second propulsion vectors for first and second propulsion units in the movable game object. A steering info ...

Michael Berthon Jones: Detection of apnea and obstruction of the airway in the respiratory system. ResMed, Holland & Hart, January 6, 1998: US05704345 (381 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for determining the occurrence of an apnea, patency and/or partial obstruction of the airway are disclosed. Respiratory air flow from a patient is measured to give an air flow signal. The determination of an apnea is performed by calculating the variance of the air flow signal ...

Douglas A Dwyer, James E Handy, Paul E Curry, Rick E Pflugshaupt, Kevin B Grant: Image display and archiving system and method. Hughes Electronics, Leonard A Alkov, Wanda K Denson Low, January 6, 1998: US05706457 (351 worldwide citation)

A system 10 and methods for acquiring and archiving images derived from multiple sources with minimal operator interaction and understanding of the archiving computer 11. The system 10 and methods provide for reception of digitized images via modem 24 from a remote source, and the input of images fr ...

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