Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink: Method of converting a series of m-bit information words to a modulated signal, method of producing a record carrier, coding device, decoding device, recording device, reading device, signal, as well as record carrier. U S Philips Corporation, Richard A Weiss, December 9, 1997: US05696505 (28 worldwide citation)

A a series of m-bit information words is converted to a modulated signal. For each information word from the series, an n-bit code word is delivered. The delivered code words are converted to the modulated signal. The code words are distributed over at least one group of a first type and at least on ...

Hanson S Gifford III, Lee R Bolduc, Jeffrey A Stein, Paul C DiCesare, Peter F Costa, William A Holmes: Devices and methods for performing a vascular anastomosis. Heartport, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, December 9, 1997: US05695504 (934 worldwide citation)

A system for performing an end-to-side vascular anastomosis, including an anastomosis device, an application instrument and methods for performing a vascular anastomosis. The system is applicable for performing an anastomosis between a vascular graft and the ascending aorta in coronary artery bypass ...

Peter Michel, Willy Michel: Glucose measuring device. Disetronic Licensing, McAulay Fisher Nissen Goldberg & Kiel, December 9, 1997: US05695623 (592 worldwide citation)

The device for measuring and displaying the concentration of glucose in the blood comprises a display device (2) into which disposable sensors (1) comprising a biomembrane (9) can be inserted. The display device (2) comprises a built-in computer (3) in whose memory (7) a glucose concentration diagra ...

Julian M Kupiec: Method for computerized information retrieval using shallow linguistic analysis. Xerox Corporation, Alexander E Silverman, December 9, 1997: US05696962 (495 worldwide citation)

A computerized method for retrieving documents from a text corpus in response to a user-supplied natural language input string, e.g., a question. An input string is accepted and analyzed to detect phrases therein. A series of queries based on the detected phrases is automatically constructed through ...

Valery M Dubin, Yosi Schacham Diamand, Bin Zhao, Prahalad K Vasudev, Chiu H Ting: Use of cobalt tungsten phosphide as a barrier material for copper metallization. Cornell Research Foundation, Sematech, Intel Corporation, William W Kidd, December 9, 1997: US05695810 (447 worldwide citation)

A technique for electrolessly depositing a CoWP barrier material on to copper and electrolessly depositing copper onto a CoWP barrier material to prevent copper diffusion when forming layers and/or structures on a semiconductor wafer.

Mark Kelley, Phil McDuffie: Constant width, adjustable grip, staple apparatus and method. Tracor Aerospace, J Nevin Shaffer Jr, Shaffer & Culbertson, December 9, 1997: US05695524 (414 worldwide citation)

A staple and stapler for injecting the staple in a manner so that the staple maintains a near constant width upon penetration of material to be joined and during staple closure/forming such that material perturbation and staple to staple spacing may be minimized. The staple has a rectilinear bridge ...

Rick Dedrick: Electronic information appraisal agent. Intel Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, December 9, 1997: US05696965 (398 worldwide citation)

An electronic information appraisal agent which operates within an electronic information distribution system and includes an electronic information server having multiple electronic information units. Requests for electronic information are transferred from the appraisal agent to an electronic info ...

David P Summers, Gary Ball: Percutaneous filter for carotid angioplasty. American Biomed, Nick A Nichols Jr, December 9, 1997: US05695519 (369 worldwide citation)

A distal intravascular filter is disclosed for filtering blood flow therethrough and entrapping and retaining embolic debris. The intravascular filter including a small diameter hollow guide wire or tube capable of percutaneous placement of the distal end thereof beyond a carotid stenosis. The dista ...

Ronald L Mahany: Hierarchical communications system using microlink, data rate switching, frequency hopping and vehicular local area networking. Norand Corporation, Stanford & Bennett L, December 9, 1997: US05696903 (358 worldwide citation)

A hierarchical communication system is described in which two wireless local area networks exhibiting substantially different characteristics are employed to link inherently portable or mobile computer devices. A series of radio base stations make up a infrastructure network. The infrastructure netw ...

Mohimm Daniel Tom: System and method for performing risk and credit analysis of financial service applications. General Electric Company, David C Goldman, Marvin Snyder, December 9, 1997: US05696907 (354 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a method and system for performing risk and credit analysis of financial service applications with a neural network. The neural network imitates and perfects a credit manager's evaluation and decision process to control loss and guide business expansion. In particular ...