Park Hoon Soo: Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices. Hyundai Electronics, November 29, 1997: KR1019930026660

A fabrication method of power semiconductor devices is provided to improve breakdown voltage and input resistance by using PMOS transistor as an input terminal and npn bipolar transistor as an output terminal. The method comprises the steps of: forming a field oxide(3) on a P-type substrate(1) havin ...

Park Seong Chul: Movement speed detection circuit for position control device. Hyundai Electronics Ind Co Ltd0, November 29, 1997: KR1019930024024

Disclosed is a movement speed detection circuit for a position control device including an inverting/non-inverting amplification portion(1), a phase change portion(2), a comparison circuit portion(3), a multi-vibrator(4), a gain adjustment portion(5), a level change portion(6), a peak hold portion(7 ...

Lee Seungjin, Lee Hankoo: Method for manufacturing enteric coating soft capsule of omeprazol. Lee Seungjin, Lee Hankoo, November 29, 1997: KR1019930021696

Here is a provided method for manufacturing the oral dosage soft capsule of omeprazol to control secretion of acid in the stomach and protect gastrointestinal tract cells. Selected compound from the group of symetidin, triethanolamine and choline, is added to the vegetable oil containing glyceryl mo ...

Bartels Ulrich, Guggolz Manfred, Hillenbrand Werner, Schneeberger Erwin: Tooth-on-tooth position clutch control for releasing a tooth-on-tooth position of a motor vehicle gearbox. Daimler Chrysler, November 28, 1997: EP1858739-A1

Die Erfindung geht aus von einer Kraftfahrzeuggetriebesteuervorrichtung mit einem Mittel (10) zum Herstellen und/oder Lösen eines Eingriffs einer Verzahnung (11) eines Kraftfahrzeuggetriebes (12) sowie mit einer Steuereinheit (13) zum Betätigen einer Kupplung (14), wobei die Kupplung (14) zum Übertr ...