Tarran Jones
Chesnut Robert W, Polley Margaret J, Paulson James C, Jones S Tarran, Saldanha Jose W, Bendig Mary M, Kriegler Michael, Perez Carl, Bayer Robert, Nunn Michael: Antibodies to p-selectin and their uses. Cytel, November 5, 1997: EP0804235-A1

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treating inflammation and other pathological conditions using novel blocking P-selectin antibodies that inhibit adhesion of leukocytes to activated platelets and/or to activated vascular endothelium in vivo. Both murine and humanized anti ...

Charles Mao
Xiaoping Charles Mao: Multiple wavelength bidirectional lightwave amplifier. MCI Communications, November 18, 1997: US05689594 (9 worldwide citation)

A system and method for optimizing the performance, in a multichannel optical transmission system, of an optical signal regenerator, by compensating for input signal power fluctuation and for output signal gain change, and by mildly filtering individual wavelengths between gain block stages. A syste ...

Yang In Suk: Console box device for vehicle. Asia Motors, November 29, 1997: KR1019950034178

PURPOSE: A console box device for a vehicle is provided to enable a driver to easily exchange a cassette tape and a compact disk by making combination and storage possible. CONSTITUTION: A console box device is composed of the steps of: forming a combining projection(310a) on the inner side face of ...

Park Chang Ho: The manufacturing method of color concrete electric poles. Park Chang Ho, Han Jae Lyong, November 29, 1997: KR1019940023464

The color concrete electric poles is made by mixing sand colored by pigments with cement, spraying the mixture to the inner surface of cylindrical frame at 1~3mm width and then pouring it into the inside of concrete frame, curing the concrete surface through the centrifuge method.

Kwon Sung Ku: Method of forming filed oxide layer of semiconductor device. Hyundai Electronic, November 29, 1997: KR1019940022303

A method of forming a filed oxide layer of a semiconductor device includes the steps of sequentially forming a pad oxide layer 2, first silicon nitride layer 3, first oxide layer 4, second silicon nitride layer 5 and second oxide layer 6 on a silicon substrate 1, coating and patterning a photoresist ...

Gary Wain Rack Senior: Automatic vending machine of heating food. Gary Wain Rack Senior, Kim Dong Cheol, November 29, 1997: KR1019940021381

PURPOSE: An automatic vending machine of a heating food is provided to sell a food cooked and heated more effectively and to store and operate automatically. CONSTITUTION: An automatic vending machine of a heating food comprises a transfer unit(6), a storage can(25), a cover plate(26), and a select ...

Kim Myung Ryong, Sun Soo Yup: Bulk cement truck. Asia Motors, November 29, 1997: KR1019940016866

PURPOSE: A bulk cement truck is provided to rapidly and simply carry the bulk cement from a producing district to a demanding district. CONSTITUTION: The bulk cement truck comprises : a car body(1) ; a loading tank(2) loading cement ; a compressor(3) for discharging cement ; a manhole(4) installed i ...

Choi Chol Jae: Method for designing potential correction thin film of optical pick-up for optical disk. Hyundai Electronics, November 29, 1997: KR1019940015639

A method for designing potential correction thin film of optical pick-up for optical disk is provided that reduces a phase difference between P wave and S wave produced when a beam is totally reflected on a total reflection surface of a romvoid prism. The method in which in designing a phase correct ...

Chung Suk Tae: Taper section construction method of slip form for casting concrete and apparatus thereof. Jinsung Construction, November 29, 1997: KR1019940015056

A taper section construction method of slip form for casting concrete comprising: the step lifting a slip form and a yoke mounted on a slip form by lifting force of a vertical jack mounted on a slip form as the concrete cast in the slip form is cured to a suitable viscosity; and the step making the ...

Kim Pil Jong: Data output buffer of semiconductor device. Hyundai Electronics, November 29, 1997: KR1019940013500

The device is for preventing the latch-up by blocking the transport of the minority carrier by extending the N-well guard ring to the lower part of the data I/O pad. The device comprises: an NMOS transistor having a first and a second N+ region(22,23) for a gate electrode(21), a source/drain electro ...

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