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A system and method is disclosed for customer promotion. A terminal enters a customer's identification code, along with customer transaction data, at the point-of-sale. A memory stores a database of previously entered customer identification codes and transactions data. Circuitry is provided for gen ...

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A signal processor which acquires a first signal, including a first primary signal portion and a first secondary signal portion, and a second signal, including a second primary signal portion and a second secondary signal portion, wherein the first and second primary signal portions are correlated. ...

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A viewer interface is disclosed for use in an interactive television network operative for providing an animated focus item in association with a control item to indicate that the control item is in a state responsive to commands from a user input device. An "animation" is any form of highlighting t ...

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An electrically operated, directly overwritable, multibit, single-cell chalcogenide memory element with multibit storage capabilities and having at least one contact for supplying electrical input signals to set the memory element to a selected resistance value, the second contact tapering to a peak ...

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A surgical instrument having a tactile and audible firing indicator is disclosed. The instrument has preferred features which include a tactile and audible indicator disposed in the handle housing for indicating to a user when the instrument has been properly and completely actuated.

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An apparatus and method for encoding and decoding additional information into a stream of digitized samples in an integral manner. The information is encoded using special keys. The information is contained in the samples, not prepended or appended to the sample stream. The method makes it extremely ...

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A communication system for identifying, locating, tracking and communicating for other purposes with large numbers of tags in a time and energy efficient manner. The tags are associated with items located in a communication region that is interrogated by an interrogator on a one-to-many basis using ...

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A plurality of classification items each including a plurality of detailed items for recognizing broadcasting programs per se and program elements included in each of the broadcasting programs are provided wherein the contents of each of the broadcasting programs are represented by the classificatio ...

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A device, comprising a switchable optical panel and means for switching the panel between a reflecting state and a transmitting state. The switchable optical panel includes a transparent optically active layer having a first and a second major surface, a first reflective polarizer disposed on the fi ...

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During voltammetric analysis of liquids, the indicator electrode must be frequently changed in order to prevent memory effects and resultant changes to basic conditions during measurement. In order to be able to change the indicator electrodes simply, a plurality of indicator electrodes are arranged ...