Brian Goodall
Brian Leslie Goodall, Lester Howard McIntosh III, Dennis Allen Barnes: Homopolymers and copolymers of cationically polymerizable monomers and method of their preparation. The B F Goodrich Company, Nestor W Shust, Thoburn T Dunlap, October 14, 1997: US05677405 (27 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses methods of preparing copolymers from norbornene-type monomers and cationically polymerizable monomers or polymers from catalytically polymerizable monomers by employing Group VIII transition metal ion source in a solvent for said monomers at a temperature in the range from -1 ...

Charles Szmanda
Charles R Szmanda, Richard J Carey: Process for removing metal ions from organic photoresist solutions. Shipley Company L L C, Robert L Goldberg, October 7, 1997: US05674662 (12 worldwide citation)

The invention is a process of removing metal ion contaminants from an organic solution, especially one having acid labile components. The process comprises modifying a cationic exchange resin by treatment with ammonia or amine and contacting said modified ion exchange resin with an organic solution ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Laurence B Sperry: High speed apparatus for forming foam cushions for packaging purposes. Sealed Air Corporation, Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson P A, October 21, 1997: US05679208 (36 worldwide citation)

A sealing and severing apparatus is disclosed for sealing plastic bags formed in succession from stock plastic film material and then severing the sealed bags from one another. The bags are filled with a foamable composition while they are being formed so that when the formed and filled bags are pla ...

Costantino Paolo: Purification of streptococcal capsular polysaccharide. Novartis Vaccines &Amp, Diagnostic, October 31, 1997: EP1848746-A2

A purification process for the capsular polysaccharide of S.agalactiae in which the saccharide is initially treated with an aqueous mixture of an alcohol and a calcium salt, followed by precipitation with a cationic detergent. The process can be completed in less than three days and has a yield of a ...







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