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The invention is directed to an expandable stent (10) for implanting in a body lumen, such as a coronary artery. The stent has an open lattice structure and is constructed so that at least one end section (36,38) has a thicker cross-section and corresponding greater radial strength than the remainin ...

Morii Tomoyuki: Field effect transistor, semiconductor storage device, method of manufacturing the same and method of driving semiconductor storage device. Matsushita Electric, October 15, 1997: EP0801427-A2 (123 worldwide citation)

A first polysilicon layer is formed on a substrate, and vacancies are introduced into an upper portion of the first polysilicon layer, thereby forming a second polysilicon layer. Then, a third polysilicon layer is formed on the second polysilicon layer. After depositing a silicon oxide film and a po ...

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The present invention relates to certain compounds of the formula (I) the racemic-enantiomeric mixtures and optical isomers of said compounds and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts or prodrugs thereof, depicted below, which are beta -adrenergic receptor agonists and accordingly have utility as, i ...

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A method, data processing system and program product for providing a location sensitive user interface by acquiring a geographic location of the portable data processor and selecting a user interface environment associated with the acquired location of the portable data processor. The selected user ...

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A potentiator for antitumor agents, for example, platinum compounds such as cisplatin and carboplatin, mitomycin C, etc., which comprises an interleukin-6 (IL-6) antagonist such as an antibody against IL-6, an antibody against IL-6 receptor, an antibody against protein gp130, etc.

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A method for real time remapping of access to a selected remote domain in an interconnected computer system network comprising the steps defining a pseudo proxy server and translating in the pseudo proxy server a remote record identifier corresponding to the remote domain to a remapped record identi ...

Stent for transluminal implantation in a hollow organ. Variomed, October 15, 1997: EP0800800-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

The elongated slits (3,4) in the body are limited by elongated limiting components (5). At least two limiting components adjacently arranged in the peripheral direction of the stent are extendingly formed over the ends of the elongated slits and form a unified detection component (6). The detection ...

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Mircolenses 3a and 3b are formed on a first surface of a transparent substrate, and an output efficiency control device 2 which modulates a light amount of incident light is provided on a second surface opposing the first surface. Incident light 4 is made to be incident obliquely to an optical axis ...

Crawford Jamieson: A computer mouse. Xerox, October 15, 1997: GB2312040-A (39 worldwide citation)

A mouse 10 for operating a computer 25 includes operating keys 12, and means 11 for verifying or recognising biometric features, such as fingerprints, palm prints, other characteristics of the hands or fingers, or voice , of one or more users to permit or deny access to the computer. The mouse may b ...

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A swept blade design for the low pressure compressor rotor or fan of a ducted fan gas turbine engine has a leading edge which is inclined relative to an axial direction of airflow through the rotor stage. The sweep angle varying with blade, span height from the rotor axis has a negative or forward s ...