Brian Goodall
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The invention discloses methods of preparing copolymers from norbornene-type monomers and cationically polymerizable monomers or polymers from catalytically polymerizable monomers by employing Group VIII transition metal ion source in a solvent for said monomers at a temperature in the range from -1 ...

John Doggett, Frank A Jaffe, Milton M Anderson: Electronic funds transfer instruments. Financial Services Technology Consortium, The First National Bank of Boston, Bell Communications Research, Fish & Richardson P C, October 14, 1997: US05677955 (1072 worldwide citation)

An electronic instrument is created in a computer-based method for effecting a transfer of funds from an account of a payer in a funds-holding institution to a payee. The electronic instrument includes an electronic signature of the payer, digital representations of payment instructions, the identit ...

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An artificial spinal disc for surgical placement between adjacent vertebrae including a first component for attaching to a first vertebrae, the first component having a concave recess, with the concave contoured surface having a circumference of 360.degree.. A second component for attaching to a sec ...

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Instrumentation for transoral treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, an instrument includes a remotely operable invagination device for atraumatically approximating the lower esophagus and fundus of the stomach and for invaginating the gastroeso ...

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A system for monitoring the position of a medical instrument with respect to a patient's body and for displaying at least one of a plurality of prerecorded images of said body responsive to the position of said medical instrument. In one embodiment the system includes a reference unit secured from m ...

Brenda Sue Baker, Eric Grosse: System and method for restricting user access rights on the internet based on rating information stored in a relational database. AT&T, Michele Conover, October 14, 1997: US05678041 (506 worldwide citation)

A system and method for selectively controlling database access by providing a system and method that allows a network administrator or manager to restrict specific system users from accessing information from certain public or otherwise uncontrolled databases (i.e., the WWW and the Internet). The i ...

Yves Alain Ratron: Elastic disc prosthesis. Tornier, Dowell & Dowell, October 14, 1997: US05676702 (461 worldwide citation)

An elastic intervertebral disc prosthesis comprising two opposite plates joined together by partitions capable of deforming elastically as a function of the load applied on the prosthesis.

Daniel Marc LaFontaine: Electrophysiology device. Scimed Life Systems, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt P A, October 14, 1997: US05676693 (454 worldwide citation)

An ablation and mapping catheter is disclosed which incorporates a fluid electrode for contacting tissue. The fluid emerges along the length of the catheter to generate a linear lesion in the cardiac tissue.

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An intraluminal graft and method and apparatus for installing an intraluminal graft in relation to a bifurcation of a trunk vessel into two branch vessels to bypass an aneurysm defect or injury, wherein the intraluminal graft is formed of two cooperating graft prostheses. The first graft prosthesis ...

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A system for sealing a percutaneous puncture in a blood vessel in a living being and method of use thereof. The system includes a hemostatic closure, a blood vessel locator device for determining the position of the blood vessel via the percutaneous puncture, and a deployment instrument for deployin ...