Capon Daniel J, Petropoulous Christos John: Compositions and methods for determining anti-viral drug susceptibility and resistance and anti-viral drug screening. Virologic, WHITE John P, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027319

This invention provides a method for determining susceptibility for an anti-viral drug comprising: (a) introducing a resistance test vector comprising a patient-derived segment and an indicator gene into a host cell; (b) culturing the host cell from (a); (c) measuring expression of the indicator gen ...

Pearce R Lane: Handgun grip enhancer. Pearce Grip, DOWREY Carl G, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027443

A handgun grip enhancer unit for use with side panel grip type handguns. The unit is made from elastomer and includes a forward finger rest cushion member (37) molded integral with reduced thickness side wing members (38, 39) which extend rearwardly in full face engagement with the gun handle (10) a ...

Nakano Mitsuru: Polyimide composite powder, and method for producing the same. Ei Du Pont de Nemours And Company, Dupont Kabushiki Kaisha, Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha, Nakano Mitsuru, MOYLES Lisa J, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027155

The polyimide composite powders of the present invention are characterized by being composed of an organically converted fine clay mineral obtained by the organic conversion of fine clay mineral, and a polyimide that covers this organically converted fine clay mineral.

Domash Lawrence H: Optical components containing complex diffraction gratings and methods for the fabrication thereof. Foster Miller, Domash Lawrence H, KRANSDORF Ronald J, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027519

Methods for forming holographically processes polymer-liquid crystal composites (HPP7LCC) films and electrically switchable gratins utilizing HPP/ICCS are disclosed. These involve imaging a complex mask (10') which may be computer generated, containing the pattern to be imaged onto a film (12) of an ...

Evans Steven: Methods for identifying human hereditary disease patterns. Oncormed, JONDLE Robert J, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027560

The present invention relates to a method of determining human hereditary disease risk factors, a method of determining hereditary cancer patterns presenting in cancer family histories, and a method of determining whether a cancer family history represents a hereditary pattern.

Litkowski Leonard J, Hack Gary D, Greenspan David C: Bioactive glass compositions and methods of treatment using bioactive glass. Usbiomaterials Corporation, Litkowski Leonard J, Hack Gary D, Greenspan David C, University Of Maryland At Baltimore, GRUDZIECKI Ronald L, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027148 (1 worldwide citation)

A novel silica-based bioactive glass composition that can be used in conjunction with a delivery agent such as a toothpaste, gel, etc., having a particle size range < 90 $g(m)m which will form a rapid and continuous reaction with body fluids due to the immediate and long-term ionic release of Ca and ...

White Geoffrey H, Yu Weiyun: Catheter directionnel, Directional catheter. Endogad Research, Endogad Research, SIM & MCBURNEY, July 31, 1997: CA2242997

An intraluminal catheter (24) for directing a guidewire (26) and/or catheter (26a) in a desired direction within a bodily vessel or cavity. The intraluminal catheter (24) has a first elongate tubular member (52) and a support means which can comprise a second elongate tubular member (51) that can pa ...

Granger Richard H, Lynch Gary S: The Regents Of The University Of California, Granger Richard H, Lynch Gary S, GARRETT WACKOWSKI Eugenia, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/026884

This invention is a novel treatment for sexual dysfunctions by administering to a subject exhibiting a sexual dysfunction compounds that upmodulate the AMPA receptor. Methods and compositions for treating sexual dysfunction are provided. Kits containing the compositions in appropriate form for admin ...

Komer Gene: Avermectin formulation. Komer Gene, GREENLEE Lorance L, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/026895

Novel formulations are disclosed for the administration of an avermectin, based upon the use of N-methylpyrrolidone or 2-pyrrolidone or mixtures thereof to dissolve avermectin. Formulations can contain from 0.1 % to 40 % by weight dissolved in at least 5 % by volume of N-methylpyrrolidone, 2-pyrroli ...

Richardson William M Iii, Swanson Leslie H, Kovummai Ashwin, Mukherjee Sandeepan: Packet network monitoring device. Lecroy Corporation, Richardson William M Iii, Swanson Leslie H, Kovummai Ashwin, Mukherjee Sandeepan, REYNOLDS Leo R, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027685

A network diagnostic device is disclosed that digitally samples the voltages on the cabling of the network (10), but does so at a much higher rate and with greater resolution than is required to minimally detect digital transmissions on the cabling. This sampling provides information on the analog c ...