Davidson Eugene A, Yang Shutong: Malaria vaccine based upon the addition of a msa1 peptide. Georgetown University, Davidson Eugene A, Yang Shutong, COLEMAN Henry D, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/026911

The present invention relates to a malaria chimeric peptide comprising a vaccinia virus system which expresses a protein corresponding substantially to the major merozoite surface antigen 1 (MSA1) of Plasmodium flaciparum or an immunogenic portion, thereof. In preferred embodiments, the MSA1 peptide ...

Von, Oppen Karl: Toy blocks having natural shapes. Von, Oppen Karl, TYSON Timothy T, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/026967

A set of blocks cut from the limbs and trunks of small trees is shown for making natural appearing stacks (20, 60). Each block has parallel upper and lower cuts (82, 84, 170, 171) across the blocks spaced a predetermined increment 'I' or a multiple of increment 'I' from each other. The remaining out ...

Covey Michael Sean M: Page finder apparatus and method. Franklin Covey Co, Covey Michael Sean M, POWER Brick G, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027068

The present invention is directed to a page finder for a time management notebook such as a datebook, organizer or planner. The page finder (10) comprises a body (12) with a transparent cover (14) partially affixed to it to form a pocket (34). An insert card (18) having various roles, goal and other ...

Garlough Gregory Dean, Carroll Benjamin Todd, Carano Michael Val, Polakovic Frank: Ultrasonic mixing of through hole treating compositions. Electrochemicals, WHEELER George F, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027142

A method for treating a non-conductive through hole surface of a printed wiring board is disclosed. A printed wiring board (26) including through holes (32) is cleaned, conditioned, and a conductive coating is applied to the initially-nonconductive through hole (32) by contacting it with a series of ...

Maleski Robert Joseph: Process for preparing n-(3-amino-4-chlorophenyl) acylamides. Eastman Chemical Company, HARDING Karen A, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027171

The present invention provides a process for preparing N-(3-amino-4-chlorophenyl) acylamides of Formula (I): comprising reacting, in a solvent comprising at least one polar solvent, in the presence of at least one acid acceptor, 1-chloro-2,4-diaminobenzene with at least one acyl chloride of formula ...

Jacobson Kenneth A, Jiang Ji Long, Kim Yong Chul, Karton Yishai, Van, Rhee Albert M: Dihydropyridine-, pyridine-, benzopyran-4-one- and triazoloquinazoline derivatives, their preparation and their use as adenosine receptor antagonists. The United States Of, America Represented By, The Secretary Department Of Health And Human Services, Jacobson Kenneth A, Jiang Ji Long, Kim Yong Chul, Karton Yishai, Van, Rhee Albert M, KILYK John Jr, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027177

The present invention provides certain novel compounds, compositions, and a method of treating a mammal by blocking its adenosine receptors comprising administering at least one compound of the present invention. Examples of the present inventive compounds include certain flavonoids of formulae (I) ...

Davidson Eugene A, Yang Shutong: Amplification of response from expressed recombinant protein. Georgetown University, Davidson Eugene A, Yang Shutong, COLEMAN Henry D, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027216

The present invention relates to a method for amplifying the response from a protein expressed from a recombinant vaccinia vector. The present invention may be used to amplify the intended effect of expressed proteins in any method where such expression is desired, for example, in vaccine production ...

Klinefelter Gary: Method for evaluating and affecting male fertility. Us Environmental Protection Agency, Klinefelter Gary, BROWDY Roger L, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027218

A 22 kD sperm protein, SP-22, correlates with fertility and predicts fertility of males. The protein can be assayed to detect decreases in fertility resulting from exposure to toxicants and polluants which are known or suspected to decrease fertility. If an antibody is generated to this protein, the ...

Nakano Mitsuru: Polyimide composite material powder and the manufacturing method thereof. Ei Du Pont de Nemours And Company, Dupont Kabushiki Kaisha, Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha, Nakano Mitsuru, MOYLES Lisa J, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027244

To provide a type of polyimide composite material powder, which has the clay mineral dispersed uniformly in the polyimide molding and has excellent dimensional stability, as well as its manufacturing method.

Morrow Raymond V: Sealing composition with inflated articles. Morrow Raymond V, BELL James R, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027263

A sealing system and sealing composition are provided for inflatable articles containing air under pressure. The sealing composition includes particles or particulates of three-dimensional tetrahedron (10) or octahedron (10a) shapes having sharp corners (12 or 12a) thereon which tend to dig into the ...