Majima Yoshiyuki, Imai Toshihiko: Sound field reproduction device. Roland, July 31, 1997: JP1997-200898

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain the surrounding effect by two speakers. SOLUTION: A decoder 100 generates plural audio signal outputs enhancing the surrounding effect when the signals are fed to plural speakers arranged around a listener M. A signal processing means receiving the plural audio signal ...

Muroya Hideki, Shirakawa Toraichi: Facsimile communication device. Hitachi, July 31, 1997: JP1997-200490

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the facsimile communication device which can make a broadcasting communication with any type of facsimile equipment and communicate with line density recording paper with corresponding to the receiving capability of a reception-side facsimile equipment. SOLUTION: An ...

Ueno Kenji: Automatic grain rotation device in grain drying and preparing device. Iseki &Amp, July 31, 1997: JP1997-196566

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To release the constraint of an operator for a long time during a rotation work in which grain in a storage tank is automatically transferred to another storage tank and improve an operation efficiency. SOLUTION: An automatic grain rotation device comprises a rotation setting d ...

Ogata Masaji, Eguchi Kuniyuki, Segawa Masanori, Hozoji Hiroyuki, Ishii Toshiaki, Nishi Kunihiko, Iwatani Akihiko, Imura Kenichi: Resin-sealed semiconductor device. Hitachi, July 31, 1997: JP1997-199523

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a semiconductor device which shows little thermal stress and has an excellent solder-reflow resistance, an excellent temperature cycle resistance after mounting, an excellent moisture-resistant reliability, etc. SOLUTION: The electrodes 2 of a semiconductor chip 1 ar ...

Litkowski Leonard J, Hack Gary D, Greenspan David C: Composition de verre bioactif et methodes de traitement utilisant ce verre bioactif, Bioactive glass compositions and methods of treatment using bioactive glass. University Of Maryland At Baltimore, Usbiomaterials Corporation, Usbiomaterials Corporation, University Of Maryland Baltimore, BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS, July 31, 1997: CA2244722

A novel silica-based bioactive glass composition that can be used in conjunction with a delivery agent such as a toothpaste, gel, etc., having a particle size range < 90 �m which will form a rapid and continuous reaction with body fluids due to the immediate and long-term ionic release of Ca and P f ...


Capon Daniel J, Petropoulous Christos John: Compositions et procedes pour determiner la sensibilite et la resistance vis-a-vis de medicaments antiviraux et criblage de medicaments antiviraux, Compositions and methods for determining anti-viral drug susceptibility and resistance and anti-viral drug screening. Virologic, Virologic, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, July 31, 1997: CA2216126

This invention provides a method for determining susceptibility for an anti-vira l drug comprising: (a) introducing a resistance test vector comprising a patient-derived segment and an indicator gene into a host ce ll; (b) culturing the host cell from (a); (c) measuring expression of the indicator g ...

Krishna B C, Melbin Julie, Latham Daniel E: Distributed electronic publishing system. Futuretense, Krishna B C, Melbin Julie, Latham Daniel E, SMITH James M, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/027553

A design and layout tool defines regions within an electronic publication and provides instructions to a viewer for obtaining and formatting information to be displayed by the viewer within each region. The viewer may execute on a client computer system connected to a computer network. The viewer ob ...

Hayka Alon, Eytan Liat: Image sound and feeling simulation system for dentistry. Denx, Hayka Alon, Eytan Liat, Friedman Mark M, FRIEDMAN Mark M, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/026838

This invention is an image, sound and feeling simulation system (50) for dentistry, comprising a dental hand-held handpiece (52) having a drill (54) for drilling a cavity (56) in a tooth (58), the drill (54) having a drilling end (60), the dental handpiece (52) being shaped and dimensioned suitable ...

Baichwal Anand: Sustained release excipient. Edward Mendell Co, Baichwal Anand, DAVIDSON Clifford M, July 31, 1997: WO/1997/026865

A sustained-release formulation for use in oral solid dosage forms includes from about 10 to about 40 percent or more by weight galactomannan gum; from about 1 to about 20 percent by weight of an ionizable gel strength enhancing agent and an inert pharmaceutical filler.